Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stone’s Absense

Wednesday, December 2

Hello, Narval here. Stone asked me to apologize for his absence from writing my posts for the last week and a half.

It seems that he got into a fight with some character named “Appen Dicitis.” This guy must be good at what he does because I’ve seen Stone take Thenal, Omman, the twins and me without breaking a sweat.

He spent a week in the hospital because he had a bout with this character. That allowed us to search out other spots that Stone used to store his chocolate cookies and other goodies.

Yet, that is not all we did. As the twins stood guard over Stone’s abode, Thenal, Omman and I searched for this Dicitis character. This guy managed to hide from us. But we did get many strange stares when we tried to discretely inquire about him. Then when we gave them his first name, they would laugh and leave us completely confused.

All Stone could tell us about this Appen Dicitis was that he left him in severe pain in his lower right stomach area that left him doubled over in pain. His surgeons had to operate to alleviate the pain and fight the infection.

The trail on this Dicitis has gotten cold but we will continue to look for him. He sounds like someone worse than the Ygi. Actually, we sometime think this Appen Dicitis character should be given to the Ygi.

The one thing about this event is that Stone and the others can’t pull that Turkey Day joke on me like they did last year.

Well, that is all have for now. Stone should be back on his feet soon. We got him out of the hospital this past Sunday and is starting to become a pain all over again. Though, he is moving around a little slower.

Narval the Great.

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