Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

Sunday, November 01

Tement gave us the freedom to participate in the human ritual of Trick or Treat. We figured this was to be a treat. This is the one time of the year that we Varnark can go out without the use of a navdalla – transphase particle rearrangement generator. Last year we came back with a great haul of candy. This years treat turned into another trick. Let me explain.

It started off innocent enough. One of the requirements placed on us by Tement, I am to attempt to tell you what we learned about the human celebratory tradition. This was to include the obligation that we needed to observe the humans participating in the activity.

Again this year, we learned that the humans liked our costumes. We did not go out in costumes. We did not care because we found out that they are generous with their gifts of candy. If we act like little Ygi and throw a fit, we do not get much of nothing. One of the twins found this out.

Over the last few months, we kept hearing the phrase “As easy as taking candy away from a babe.” Thenal can attest that this is a falsehood. Not only the older humans look this down on this practice; those babes appear to be stronger than they look. Also, they have teeth and know how to use them.

One of them latched onto Omman’s arm and did not let go for several minutes. From that time on, he avoided most of those younglings.

We discovered that some people do not participate in this yearly ritual. We came across this couple on the riverfront on a blanket and tried to scare them and succeeded. But then they scared us. First, one of them pulled out this can and sprayed us with this awful stuff that made our eyes burn. The other one pulled out what we thought to be a weapon. I heard whizzing noise pass my ears after each bang. I guess that will be the last time we mess with nude humans on a blanket.

Overall, the night turned out to be a successful excursion into the world of humans. We raked in many treats from candy bars, popcorn balls, cookies and wrapped candies of all types.

Most of the night we got treats. We wondered when someone would pull a trick. The following morning we discovered the trick. Stone and Tement had gotten to our stash. Tement then told us the meanest part of the trick. He would only give us a few of our treats a day. Stone rubbed salt into the wound. He told us that our treats are going to save on the grocery bill. Then he said he hid our treats.

Like I said, we started of with treats but got tricked again this year. We also found out that we lost out on that costume contest. Stone won it by dressing like an Ygianan. Now, I want to bite someone.

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