Sunday, November 8, 2009

Story about Halloween

Sunday, November 8

Stone here. I would like to tell a Halloween story that occurred in my youth. In this story, I hope to show how a given action does not produce the result one is hunting for.

Years ago, a scare occurred that almost killed the holiday. Supposedly, Halloween candy got blamed for the death of a child. He ate poisoned candy. Later, the authorities determined that the child’s father poisoned the candy in order to collect a large sum from an insurance policy.

The following year the area newscasters announced the story again and cautioned parents to check the candy their children get. They were to check for razor blades in the candied apples and popcorn balls and throw away any candy not wrapped.

Due to this scare, we did not have that many trick-or-treaters that year. Needless to say, a few diehard people did not let this ruin their holiday or keep them from passing on the fun to the next generation.

My brother and I had a bowl of candy to give to the few who came by. We had given several children candy when my brother decided to liven up the party a bit. He climbed up on the lowest limb of a sycamore tree that stood in our front yard. We did not wear any costumes.

One woman brought her 3-year-old boy in to get his treat. She seemed determined to let the child learn about the joys of the holiday. As they passed by the tree, my brother jumped off of that limb and let out this horrifying scream.

The woman jumped and started screaming as well. She stood there for a second with one hand on her chest trying to catch her breath. As for the boy, he did not jump or scream like his mother. He looked up at my brother and asked, “What were you doing up there?”

At this, we all began to laugh. We ended up scaring the adult instead of the trick-or-treater. In a way, I’m glad we did not scare the little fella.

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