Monday, October 12, 2009

Stone’s Announcement

Monday, October 12

Hello again,

I apologize for Narval’s absence but I have been working on something that I wanted to have online. Last month, I announced that was going to put up a web page for myself. I also wanted to start an alien short story series. I had thought about putting up some of Garnara’s Observations (He is the alien visiting earth who Narval is supposed to be offering support.) on the Internet but have changed my mind. I have so much trouble putting up three blog entries a week for Narval’s Folly. In the future, I may put something up, but for now, his observations are in limbo.

Clark Stone’s Web Page:

Usscan’s Observation Web Page:

I would recommend checking out the introduction and rules that I have set up for the project of Usscan’s Observations. Then go to the Short Story opening page to gain access to part one for the first short story.

I hope to have Narval out of his funk and back working on his blog starting on Wednesday. I hope you enjoy this new project.


Clark D. Stone.

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