Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween I

Wednesday, October 28

As you can see, this week has been dedicated to the human festival called “Halloween.” This celebration fits the Varnark psyche. When else can we gremlins of chaos, as Stone calls us, get to go out and pull pranks and scare people and not get in trouble for it?

After what happened last night, even though it was unintentional, I found myself interested in finding more of this Halloween jocularity. After talking the others out of binding, gagging and hanging me from a tree to use as a piñata, I convinced them to join me in pulling a few pranks.

We found this small group of human younglings that Stone refers to as ‘teen-agers.’ They seemed to be picking at other younglings who came around. Their prank looked to be a great one. Three of them participated in the scare-fest. Two of the teen-agers went into the cemetery. One of them wearing a wolf mask and the other had this white sheet.

It amazed us that these boys managed to walk around without losing their pants. Thenal noted that these teen-agers couldn’t keep their pants pulled up like many others we came across.

Now, the object of the ruse tuned out to be other younglings who happened to be walking by. The one teen-ager invited his peers into a nearby cemetery saying that he had spotted a ghost. The others would not believe him. He got them into the cemetery by either piquing their interest or by daring them to enter.

First, three female younglings came by. Two of them seemed quite excited over the prospect of seeing a ghost but the third wanted nothing to do with it. Yet, they talked her into going into the Cemetery. The one wearing the wolf mask howled from behind some bushes and stuck his head around a bush and growled. The younglings stopped for a second. Then this white figure jumped out from behind a tree, yelled ‘boo,’ and grabbed one of the females. All three screamed for a second.

The three boys started laughing and one of the female younglings started slapping at them as she held her chest. The boy backed up while laughing when his pants fell to the ground. This stopped the female and she started laughing. Then they all had a good laugh and they parted ways. We got a good laugh out of how high the girls jumped when the so-called ghost jumped out and grabbed one of them.

Their next target looked to be a few years younger than the teen-agers. This time a group of five younglings came walking by. The teen-ager dared the younglings to enter the graveyard to find the ghost.

At this, the younglings walked toward the cemetery’s entrance. Then a ghostly howl sang out. The younglings froze in place. Then this figure in white came running out from behind bushes toward the group and they scattered. Younglings took off in all directions screaming.

We got a good laugh out of this prank as did the three teen-agers. The white figure removed his white cloth covering from over his head as another teen-ager came out from behind another set of bushes. They did a good scary job, but we felt that the job was not quite finished just yet.

As the boys sat down behind this giant stone, they laughed at the expressions on the other younglings’ faces. One pulled out a cigarette of some type as another picked up a bottle and drank from it. I gathered that they parked themselves here in order to scare others who happened to be walking by.

In a discussion earlier with Thenal, he asked what would these humans do if the pumpkin came to make people pies. This memory developed into an idea. Thenal and Omman agreed that we needed to pull this one on the three teen-agers.

They slipped into the cemetery and transformed into a pair of walking pumpkins with arms and legs, a face and sharp teeth. I transformed into a youngling of about the age of 8 years of age. As I walked down the street. The teenagers spotted me and prepared for their next victim.

The first teen-ager gave me the same spiel about the ghost that I saw him give the others earlier. Just as I was about to get to the cemetery, the boy behind the bushes began to howl then scream as he took off running. Behind him ran Omman snapping at the boy’s heals. He tripped as his shorts fell to the ground. Omman pounced toward the teen. The teen pulled his pants up and took off running before Omman could land on him.

Soon the boy that used that white sheet came running out with Thenal doing the same thing. He too tripped when his pants landed around his ankles.

While this was going on, I transformed myself into a pumpkin with big teeth. The teen-ager with me had not noticed my change. When he turned around, I told him was hungry and he was supper. I told him that it was time for me to have a little treat to go along with his little trick. Varnark, these humans can run fast. Even when their pants fall down around their ankles. This one just left his shorts behind. It took all of my strength to keep up with him for the first two blocks. Then he left me behind.

As we gathered back at the cemetery where the teen-agers had sat, we exchanged our stories and enjoyed a good laugh as we finished off that bottle of ‘rum.’ It tasted sweet. I expected to see a story in what Stone calls a ‘scandal sheet’ about pumpkins trying to eat the local youth.

Yet, in a local paper I found a story about three youth being arrested for under-aged drinking. The story indicated that the boys showed up at the police station wearing boxer shorts rambling on with outrageous stories of pumpkins with large teeth eating their shorts.

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