Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday 5: Loud

Friday, October 16

1. When in the past seven days were you loudest?

I guess it would have to be Wednesday evening. Stone and Tement went for a walk, and the twins and I figured out where Stone had hid his chocolate cookies. What we did not expect was the elaborate alarm system that Stone prepared for his hiding place.

We should have known better but those cookies kept calling our names. After one of the twins opened the cabinet door, pots and pans started falling and bouncing against the countertop and then rang out again as they hit the floor.

2. In the past seven days, what was loud but not noisy?

That one is in dispute. Thenal and the twins tell me that the shirt I wore on Tuesday was a bit too loud. I disagree. But to settle this, I decided to ask you. Is a bright yellow shirt with large red, orange, and blue flowers too loud?

3. In the past seven days, what was not especially loud but quite noisy?

Those crickets at night. They are not that loud but the constant noise they make keep us awake. The other day, Stone showed us an article about eating insects. If they do not cut out their constant drone of chirping, we will have cricket soup.

4. In the past seven days, what’s something that was not allowed?

Our (Thenal, the twins and I) accompanying Stone and Tement on one of those ‘garage sale’ expeditions. It seems that we caused too much trouble the last time we went with them.

I had to protest when Stone accused me of taking a bite out of that boy’s candy bar. That was Thenal who did that. I tied the shoelaces of those three girls together. How was I to know that they would trip and land in that big frosting covered cake. Though, that one girl looked cute with those blue eyebrows, an orange and green mustache and a white beard.

5. What are those clouds gathering on your horizon for next week?

Mainly clouds of future adventures and fun. The cloud of suspicion after successfully ferreting out Stone’s hidden goodies. The cloud of the chase after attempting to swipe another’s treat or after they attempt to swipe mine. Does not matter if we catch each other, it is the chase that matters. The cloud of laughter when a prank succeeds in getting the target.

The cloud of skepticism floating overhead by those whom may be reading this post. Big Grin.

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