Monday, October 26, 2009

Boo to You Too

Monday, October 26

This is a weird week. The other day I leaned against this fence at a spot under a street lamp. Stone, Tement and I visited with one of Penelope’s friends in Natchitoches. The others went with to visit some type of storytelling gathering up the road put on by another one of Penelope’s friends.

My job was to watch the house. Actually, my job was to stay out of their way. So, I took a couple of journals I wanted to read and climbed over this barred fence. I sat on this brick and leaned against a fence post in order to read them in peace.

One thing I have to explain is that I had taken the shape of a human youngling around the age of 13. This allowed me to interact with other humans who came by. I learn quite a bit from talking with the humans. Earlier in the day, I talked with a couple of them dressed up in costumes. I found out that they planned to attend the same storytelling event my friends left to attend.

One of them warned me about ghosts who roam the area at night and pointed. When I looked around, I saw a bunch of stones organized in lines. Many of them had writing on them. I just shrugged my shoulders and told them that I would be all right.

Apparently, I had gotten so engrossed in reading this journal that I had not noticed that the sun had gone down. It turns out that I was sitting under a bright street lamp. It gave me enough light that I managed to keep reading without interruption. I also munched on some candy that I had brought from Stone’s.

Then this human boy came walking by. I decided that I would be friendly. Also, I wanted to talk with him. That is when things got weird. I said, “Hello, want to join me in ….”

The kid took off running screaming at the top of his lungs. It was hilarious but confusing. He did not let me finish my sentence. A few moments later, three more younglings came walking by. The same three that I talked with earlier. Again, I asked, “Hello, want to join me in ….” They did not even look back. They took off running and screaming something about a ghost being after them.

Come to think of it, the one who came by earlier yelled something about ghosts. After the fourth time this happened, Stone appeared in the doorway of the house across the street. At that point, another group of younglings came walking by. This time I recognized them as Thenal, Omman and the twins.

As I bent down to pick up my journals, I said, “Varnark, I am glad y’all are back. I am so stiff. If you wait a second, I will get up and stretch and then join you.” When I stood back up, I saw them running across the street toward Stone as they screamed at the top of their lungs. This too struck me as being hilarious, yet I still did not know what scared everyone.

I jumped over the fence and crossed the road. As I approached Stone, I noticed he had been laughing. Apparently, he knew why everyone acted so scared when I spoke. Needless to say, the others got angry with me. They said something about me not being a ghost. I did not know what they were talking about.

Stone explained that a ghost is the spirit of a dead person and they scared most people. He also pointed out they usually appear in cemeteries where they bury the dead. That answered one question but I had another until he pointed to where I had been sitting.

Wouldn’t you know that those younglings as well as my friends heard some scary ghost stories at that party they went to. How was I to know that I had chosen a spot in a local cemetery to read my journals?

Can you say, “Voices from the grave?”

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