Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Five: What’s It Take

Friday, September 18

1. What does it take to get you to grab the mic and sing in a karaoke room?

About two shots of rum would do it. Actually, Tement tries to keep us Varnark away from locations that broadcasts music. He knows that we lose all control when it comes to music. We begin dancing as if it the end of the world approached: wild and free.

Thus the two shots of rum takes away our coordination and ability to dance. When we can’t dance, we make fools of ourselves by singing. Most Varnark can't carry a tune. BG

2. What does it take to get you to give up a whole Saturday to hang out with people you don’t like?

That question is almost like asking a Varnark does he wants his teeth pulled without anesthesia. We really do not like hanging around the Ygi (another race of aliens who prefer to eat Varnark, and Human, flesh to all other).

But that is where the above question can solve the problem. On one occasion, we squared off with a group of Ygi, short for Ygianan, and just before we clashed, someone began playing music. We just could not help ourselves. Both parties bust out in dance. As long as the music plays, Varnark and Ygianan will dance uncontrollably.

3. What does it take to get you out of bed without your hitting the snooze button?

The answer to this question has multiple facets. If I anticipate pulling off a huge prank, then I’ll turn off the alarm when I wake up. The others are the same way. I want to slip out and enjoy the effects of this prank. In my opinion, mornings lend themselves to be great times to pull off excellent pranks.

Additional ways that Stone, Tement, or others have used that kept me from hitting the snooze button is for them to call out any one of the following phrases:

Stone or Tement:

Chocolate covered pancakes are ready.
Who wants some ice cream?

I found Stone’s Oreo® cookie stash.
Stone forgot to put away his onions.

The ultimate way to keep me from hitting the snooze button is for someone to say, “There's a bowl of chocolate covered crushed Oreo cookies and ice cream on the table."

4. What does it take to get you to take someone else’s turn at a really unpleasant task at work or home?

That is almost like the answer to question number two. You know, about having one’s tooth pulled without anesthesia.

If Tement orders it or if bribed with ice cream and crushed cookies, then I might take up someone else’s dirty tasks. Still would not like it though.

5. What does it take to get you to eat something you really dislike?

Three Ygianan holding blaster pistols to my head. Or if my mom or girlfriend cooked it and I expected to sleep at either one’s house.

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By the way, if you would have asked "What would it take to get me away from my computer or voice recorder?" I do not know how I would had answered tha.... Wait a minute! Is that popcorn I smell. Gotta go. Bye!!!!

Bam, clank, thunk ...... Hey guys, save some for me.

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