Monday, August 31, 2009

One that I Admire

Monday, August 31

My thoughts have come back to a question that I answered several weeks ago: “Who’s making a positive difference in your life?” I answered Penelope because of her antics and the way she thinks.

Tement used to be the biggest positive influence because he was and still is my mentor. Lately, I have come to admire Penelope. Though she does still scare me at times; as an ally, I could not have no one better to back me up when danger rears its ugly head.

I guess what I like about her is her ability to come up with creative ways of messing with the minds of our enemies, mainly the rogue Ygi. She also has this unusual way of turning a problem into an asset.

Let me give an example of this. We discovered a yellow jackets’ nest in Stone’s well house the other day. Several of us had to take refuge in the trunk of Stone’s car. Needless to say, he had it parked in the sun. I now understand how it would feel like to be stuck in an oven with a roast.

Stone grabbed a couple of cans of wasp killer to eradicate the stinging insects. He said he would have to wait until the sun went down first. Though I did overhear him say that he should leave them up there to keep some nosy neighbors out of the shed.

That is when I heard Omman and Thenal begin to howl. When I came out of the trailer to check on the commotion, I found them at it again making fun of Penelope and her pink scooter. She seemed to be ignoring them and intercepted Stone.

Penelope stopped him and told him that she had a few ideas to deal with the 'critters.' Stone re Though, I liked her first idea best, but Stone refused to let her anywhere near that well house with those large explosive sticks. He said he did not want his shed to be blown to someplace called "Smithereens."

Her second solution involved an extension cord, a battery-powered drill, a 3/4" wood drill bit, and a wet/dry vacuum cleaner with a long hose. The pests built their nest against the back wall of the well house at about five feet above the floor. This big blob of paper with insects crawling all around it sat on top of a filing cabinet. She plugged in the 10-gallon vacuum cleaner and attached the hose.

At this point, she had my full and complete attention. I had even forgotten about the five pulsating bumps on my arm and back. I guess this is where one could say that ‘curiosity that killed the Varnark.’ Yet, I had to know what she planned to do. When she stopped, I found myself staring at the back outside well-house wall.

First, Penelope drilled a hole through the back wall of the well house directly into that yellow jacket nest. That got their attention. Loud buzzing erupted from the other side of the wall. She moved the drill up, down, and side to side a few times before jerking the bit back out of the hole. These small creatures started to crawl through the hole.

She grabbed the hose and turned on the vacuum. She sucked a few out of the air and then placed the hose close to the hole, which sucked up all of the yellow jackets around the hole.

The grin on her face scared me. Time seemed to crawl at that point. We stayed there until the number of yellow jackets that came through that hole finally started to drop.

I do not know how many of those yellow jackets she collected, but we could hear them roar from within the vacuum cleaner whenever someone bumped it. She dropped the hose and quickly plugged the hole in the well house. Then Penelope put a cap on the end of the hose and turned the vacuum cleaner off. I got the impression that she planned to come back for more later.

When I inquired about what she planned to do with the yellow jackets, she said something about donating them to that rogue Ygi group. At the present time, I do not know what she has planned for those bugs. That may be a story for another day.

I do guarantee you though that whomever she targets will regret that they crossed her. Before she left, she told me that I might consider sleeping under the stars tonight. I am not sure what that means, but I have my hammock hanging between the two trees in the back of the trailer. By the way, have any of you seen Thenal or Omman.


A note from Stone:

One note on the Alien Short Story series: I have a little more work before it will be ready to post. The first short story is not turning out to be so short. I am expecting it to be about from 6,000 to 7,500 words and I plan to split it into three or four parts.

I plan to have the web page up by September 14. Thank you for your patience.

Clark Stone

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