Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Question and Answer Session

Wednesday, July 1

After our encounters with two festivals, I decided to ask some of the Varnark about their experiences. This is the transcripts of that interview. So, what follows are Thenal’s, Omman’s and Narval's answers to my questions.

Stone: Any words of wisdom you wish to share about going to festivals?

Thenal: Make sure you explore new foods that vendors carry. My discovery turned out to be something called ‘funnel cakes.’ After the third one, I found myself ready to some dancing to get rid of that excess energy.

Omman: One has to beware of those sliced green things called ‘jalapenoes.’ They burn going in, and as I found out this morning, the burn coming back out, too.

Narval: Take your time drinking those slushes. Drink them too fast and you will get what Stone calls a ‘brain freeze.’ Oh, the same thing is true if you eat your ice cream too fast. One other thing, don’t carouse with the mudbugs like Thenal and anger the clowns like Omman.

Thenal and Omman: Hey!

Stone: Okay, okay. That’ll be enough boys. What was the scariest thing you encountered at either festival?

Thenal: That mudbug that Omman attached to my ear clamped down hard. Those claws may not look real big but they can hurt.

Omman: I did not care for the guy in that clown suit. He made me run into that big pole. Yet, the guy juggling those fire sticks seemed a bit creepy. He set my hair on fire

Narval: Two things scared me: that giant lizard they called a ‘gator’ and Thenal singing karaoke. Make that three, Omman doing his ‘match’ routine wasn’t right. Almost set a few tents on fire before someone dunked his head in in some water.


Stone: Omman, don't punch Narval. What is the funniest thing you found at these festivals?

Narval: A tie between Omman being chased by that clown and Thenal running down the road with that crawfish hanging from his ear. Both of them screaming like a ‘baby.’

Thenal: When Stone tossed Narval into the nearby river and someone yelled “Gator.”

Omman: Yea, I agree. That’s the first time I every seen someone get up and walk on water.

Stone: What event provided you with the most entertainment or gave you the most fun?

Narval: I think we all agree on this one. We enjoyed the bands and their music.

Thenal: When the music starts, our feet start to move and we dance.

Omman: We just can’t help ourselves. If you could imagine, six Varnark dancing with abandon.

Stone: What did you learn while attending these festivals?

Omman: Be conscious of whom you dance with. I think some of those people on the dance floor were Ygi. One bit me on the arm between songs.

Thenal: Was that the one they had to carry off in an ambulance five minutes later.

Narval: Food poisoning.


Narval: Hey, watchit Omman.

Bang! Bop!

Thenal: If that’s the way you want it, Omman, let’s have at …

Kawop! Bang! Bang! Klump! Bop!

Stone here. I guess this is the end of this interview. My three Varnark have entered into their favorite past time: a Varnark free-for-all.

Until later - Clark Stone

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