Friday, June 19, 2009

Mudbug Madness

Friday, June 19

I do apologize again. There are certain key words that will distract us Varnark and ‘ice cream’ sits among them. Others are chocolate, caramel, popcorn, and onions. There are a few others but I think that would be sufficient.

Not only did Frank bring ice cream, Shepherd brought the chocolate syrup. I did not have a chance when I heard this. If I had not left at the moment that Thenal indicated, I would had been left out.

Well, now onto another subject. As I mentioned before, you humans have far too many festivals. This makes me wonder when you have time to do the things required for everyday living. To me, it looks as if all you humans do is to attend festivals.

A couple of weeks ago, one of Stone’s friends named Chuck took us to a festival called ‘Mudbug Madness.’ This one centered on a creature called a ‘mudbug.’ Stone said they are also known as crawfish. This cleared up our confusion like mud. He then showed us a photo of it. He did not tell us that the photo was an enlargement of the creature. To us, it looked humongous.

We loaded up the vehicle with our weapons and took off northward toward Shreveport. Stone refused to let us get the weapons out of the vehicle’s trunk. Our uproar almost got Chuck and Stone arrested. That’s until Thenal’s pet mouse got loose from his pocket and ran up that security guard’s pants leg. He started dancing and shouting. We did not know what to do so we joined in. Now, we did not shuck our pants in the process like this fella did.

The crowd started laughing. He looked really riled. As he picked up his pants and started to put them on, we took the opportunity to get out of there before he regained his composure. Not to mention getting his hand on that pistol in his belt holster.

The riverfront was beautiful though the temperature could have been cooler. The breeze helped keep us cool though. They had a good-sized crowd along with music and food.

Now, Chuck explained that this ‘mudbug festival’ would give us the opportunity to taste some great food. He took us to one of the booths where they prepared some of these mudbugs for consumption. One of the humans carried a big bag in from the back. It looked as if it was moving.

That turned out to be when we found out that we were to eat these ugly looking creatures. As he explained how they are cooked, this big human opened that sack and began to pour these reddish creatures into a big pot with a fire underneath it. Our ears greeted this loud roar like someone started Penelope’s motorcycle. After a few seconds, the sound went away.

Now, I understand why they call it mudbug madness. Though, if someone dumped my backside into a pot of boiling hot water, I would not be mad; I would be totally pissed. I like hot baths but this is too extreme for me.

Then we discovered that they are not as menacing as we thought they would be. Stone had us believing that these mudbugs grew to be about a foot and a half long. The ones I saw looked to be about three to five inches long.

Thenal got a bit too close to one. Actually, Omman picked one up and brought it a bit too close to Thenal’s ear. That thing latched on and refused to let go. I do not know when Thenal got rid of that thing. The last we saw of him was about noon that day running down the road ‘screaming like a little girl.’ At least that is the phrase that Stone used.

I figured that this was the creature’s way of enacting its revenge for the atrocities that occurred to its kind at this event.

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