Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let the Good Times Roll

Wednesday, June 24

We attended another festival this past weekend and had a blast at it. Again, we took a road trip to Shreveport. Frank, Chuck, and Stone took us to the ‘Let the Good Times Roll’ festival.

With this festival, Thenal did not have to worry with running into live crawfish. Though I had been tempted to bring one myself. He squealed when Omman brought out that plastic crawfish and tossed it at him. Tement kept Thenal from going after Omman.

Other than that, we discovered that they had all types of goodies at this festival. Stone bought a candied apple. My attempt to take a quick bite backfired on me. The problem turned out to be that I tried to take too big of a bite. I got my mouth stuck open because me teeth got stuck in that candy coating. Frank, Stone’s friend, said that I looked like one of those stuffed pigs. I did not know if he meant that as a compliment or as an insult.

After I got that apple out of my mouth, we started looking around at what the people in the booths had to offer. We turned a corner and thought we were in heaven. There before us stood this giant ice cream cone. It had to have stood at least 20 foot tall. Stone dashed our dreams when he told us that it was not real.

Then we realized that Omman had already taken off toward the ice cream cone. When you are in a bunch of Varnark, you do not wait around when someone mentions ice cream or you will do without. After a few moments, we heard someone screaming and saw Omman running away. A whistling sound filled the air as this giant ice cream cone began to collapse. Apparently, Omman took a bite out of it before he realized that it was not real.

They had hot dogs, fries, and all types of other goodies. We could not get ice cream because Omman wore out our welcome at that booth. One of the twins discovered a big jug of something yellow they called ‘mustard.’ Before we could stop them, the twins had already drained the two gallons of mustard that it contained. We weren’t the only ones upset about that. The guy running that booth got pissed as well.

Since we wore out our welcome at another location, we moved on. Stone worried that someone may call the authorities on our antics. I don’t think he really cares if we get picked up. He just does not want to get picked up with us. Never did forgive us for that nude prank which almost got him sent to jail. But I will talk about that in another post.

When we found Omman, he had fell asleep in a chair near a booth that had a sign stating that they painted faces. After Thenal got through with him, I had to say that he looked much better with that purple and green face along with those big white eyes. That big smile that Thenal painted on his face made him look unusually happier than he normally was.

One more treat we need to write down on our favorite food list is something called a ‘funnel cake.’ It ranks up there along with ice cream, chocolate, onions, and mustard. By the time we finished our third round of funnel cakes, we discovered that we had too much energy to sit still.

That is when we discovered the Zydeco bands. That fast paced music had us hopping all over the place. We danced around for almost three hours before we began to run out of energy. We wanted to get some more of those funnel cakes, but Stone refused to purchase them.

Now, Omman slipped off to see if he could get some for us but he came running back. He said that some clown had chased him away from the food court by tossing clubs at him. When we investigated, we found a clown juggling clubs to entertain the human younglings. I don’t thing he would have been afraid if we hadn’t watched that horror movie last night about killer clowns. Come to find out, Omman scared the clown as well.

Well, that will be it for now. Stone has purchased a CD with Zydeco music on it and we are about to get up and move our feet. Omman’s in the shower trying to get that face paint off. That reminds me, I need to ask Thenal where he found that paint.

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