Monday, June 15, 2009

Absent Minded Apology

Monday, June 15

Narval here and hello there. I know I have been quite of late. Sorry about that. I suffered a severe case of what Stone likes to call ‘brain farts.’ I planned the post but then promptly get distracted. Needless to say, I am afraid that I can be sidetracked very easily.

If Stone had not mentioned it this morning, I would have been out the front door looking for another grand adventure. My next post will be about the fun we had at that ‘Mudbug Madness’ event these humans held in a place called Shreveport, Louisiana.

Tement tells me that I should keep up with my commitments. I do wish to let you know that I will not let anything distract me from doing my blog again.

Wait a second. One of the others wants to say something to me. I will be right back. I promise.

What is it Thenal? Frank and Shepherd brought ice cream. Yes, I want to get some. Hey wait for me….

Click! Bam! Ezzzzzzzzzzz.

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