Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hard Wind - Crash, Boom, Bang

Sunday, May 24

This post is a bit late since the events that it refers to occurred on Sunday, May 3. – Clark Stone.

The weather the other day gave us the opportunity to put our wind surfing skills into play once again. Wind came out of nowhere and the rain flew sideways.

Again, I know we may not show that we have much sense about us when we go out into weather like this. But we can't pass up having fun. The weather came at us in a roar. We grabbed our wind surfers and ran outside.

Just then we heard this crack. It came from my left. One of Stone’s big oak trees looked to be moving. After a second, I realized that it was moving toward us. I did not have time to mount the wind surfer and kick in the antigravity unit. I just ran.

I did not realize those things grew that big. When I stopped and turned around, I found the others behind me. Then they disappeared in a flash of green. I thought I had cleared the tree, and I had by a total of 12 inches.

The leaves started to move and I took a step back. Then I remembered Thenal and Omman. They had been behind me. I pulled the leaves apart found my two scratched up comrades. They look as if they want to do me some harm. Actually, they looked pissed.

So, that is the reason I am recording this out from under Stone’s trailer. They have not found me yet. We did not get to enjoy the wind either because it wind did not last too long.

When everything cleared, we found a tree across Stone’s trailer. That is one tree we will not be able to hide in. Such a shame too, because it did have many place in which to hide.

Though we did have to fight the furry creatures that Stone called squirrels. Stone said we should disguise ourselves as nuts so that they would not bother us. I am not sure about that. On some things, one has to watch out for Stone's advice.

Well, until next time, have a nice day. Narval.

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