Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bombs Away

Sunday, May 10

We had an off day or is that a day off. It is a possibility that it could be a possibility of both. As happens when we get bored, we searched for ways to entertain ourselves. That usually leads to someone getting hurt – mainly me. We’d settled on watching birds dive after bugs in the air. I rooted for the bugs myself.

So happens, Stone’s boob tube gave us the idea we searched for. That and that kite Stone made to resemble a giant spider. The program talked about hang-gliding and parasailing. Then someone got the idea – okay, it was Thenal – to take up water balloons. We tried to have a water balloon fight in the air but could not get close enough to throw them at each other without entangling in each other’s equipment.

Yesterday, the wind blew enough that we decided to sail the winds. We got our parasails and hang-gliders and hit the sky. Did you know that those wires these humans have strung up everywhere caused electrical shock? Omman found out the hard way when he landed among some. He still sports what Stone called ‘the charcoal look.’

Omman also discovered that this can cause humans to spout out the strange words as well. I do not know what he said, but the guy who own the house in front of those wires came out and shouted at him. Omman broke free from the wires and then hit the guy with a water balloon. That brought out more of those strange words.

But today, wouldn’t you know it? On the day we chose to fly these crafts, the air stayed calm. One of the twins thought about the antigravity units we had in storage. They worked perfectly.

Stone invited a friend over named Chuck. Penelope brought two guys named Frank. I do not remember the names of the others. They all lounged around a pool out in the sun.

The antigravity units allowed us to take up larger payloads. Now, a larger payload came with a problem: slower response times and climb rates. We still had to dodge those parasail gobbling trees in Stone’s yard.

Lucky for us, our targets chose a spot out in the open. Now, I am a bit hesitant when it comes to Penelope. Especially with her fondness of retaliation, bees, yellow jackets, hornets and snakes. I had to ask myself if it would be worth doing. Of course it would.

I pointed downward and the others got my drift. We bombed them from the air. Surprisingly, Thenal had been a fairly good shot. Actually, we all did fairly well. After two passes, all of them had been hit at least once with Penelope being hit twice. Our fun lasted for about ten minutes before we discovered that they had prepared a counter attack.

They came out with what looked like a large slingshot. The two Franks each held one end of this slingshot and Penelope aimed and shot. We found out later that Stone had gotten something called a water balloon launcher. As I made my last run, a water balloon exploded against my chest. Valdarna, that smart.

One good thing about getting wet is that this day had gotten quite hot. That water felt good but then started to get cold. Stone and his friend Chuck filled the balloons from his water well. That water comes from a well that is over 200 feet deep and is cold.

Then I noticed Stone took control of the launcher. It turns out that Penelope went for her paintball equipment. That is when the lumbering actions of our equipment came into play. I managed to dodge one or two of the balloons, but when it came to the paintballs, those I could not dodge.

Stone and the two Franks knocked one of the twins out of the sky. A water balloon took out his antigravity unit. He descended down into Sibley Lake. Oops, there goes the drinking water.

To get out of range of the paintballs, I let my remaining five water balloons go so I could climb faster. Not only did I get out of Penelope’s firing range; I discovered that I bombarded and soaked Stone and the others.

Oh, well. At least this time, we managed to be high enough that those paintballs did not leave welts like the last time. Thenal came out of it covered with red, blue, green and yellow spots. Luck watched over me; she only targeted me with a dozen shots. We all came down soaked. But they got soaked as well.

All of us had fun and that’s all that mattered.

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