Sunday, April 26, 2009

Water Balloon Fight

Sunday, April 26

Again, this morning reminded me that I do not care for that Daylight Saving Time. Too early. Yes, I’ve tried to sleep. Stone, Tement and Thenal conspire against me, not to mention someone named Mother Nature. Especially that bird who lands outside my window and calls to the other birds to join him on a singing quest. Also, why do they sound so cheerful? I make this to be a good reason for making bird stew.

Yet, beautiful flowers and green trees do greet us when we go outside. Before too long, they begin their assault on a few of us. I like sniffing flowers. I do not have that ‘hay fever’ that Thenal suffers with, but I do find this to be a bit hazardous if you are not careful. Not the sniffing of the flowers, but the sucking up a bee that you did not notice buzzing around earlier. Let me tell you, that is not something you wish to experience. My nose grew to twice it size. Looked like a big button occupied the middle of my face.

This above description pretty much describes my days for the last three or four weeks except for the bee incident. The one change I came across in this pattern came today. I discovered that the only person in the house was Stone. He seemed to be working on his computer. I know Penelope was around because I heard her earlier.

I open the door and stepped out onto the porch. The air smelt like fresh… emmm, fresh cut grass with a hint of honeysuckle. Then from my peripheral vision, I saw something blue and red flying at me from two different directions. This is when I was introduced to the particular item called "a water balloon."

After sliding to my right, I managed to dodge the blue balloon but not the red one. When it hit, the water splashed all over the left side of my face and trickled down the left side of my body. Uncontrolled shivers shot through my body as that cold water made its way into my pants.

It did not take me long to get moving. Within seconds I saw all colors of objects flying my direction. Before I was able commit it to a tree, their excellent shots soaked me from head to foot. I did manage to catch a couple of them though. After throwing one balloon at something that moved to my right, I realize that with Penelope. Too late, the balloon landed against her head. Her long dirty blonde hair stuck to her head as she wiped the water out of her eyes. Her smile told me that I was in trouble.

This is where the surprise comes in for me. She invited me to join her group. It looks as if they had this war well planned. It must have taken them at least two hours to fill all of those balloons. I do not know how many balloons Thenal and his group had, but Penelope had three 100-quart ice chests filled with water balloons. Thus the war began.

One of the better challenges in this game is to step out in the open and dodge all of those balloons tossed in your direction. It will definitely increase your reaction time to items up approaching that you see from your peripheral vision. I managed to dodge many, yet not all.

Then we heard the front door to Stone's trailer open up. The action stopped. When Stone stepped out through that door, both sides let balloons fly. He did not even bother to try to dodge them. After he cleared the water from his eyes, he just looked at both sides. He then turned and went back into the trailer.

We restarted the war between us. We were having so much fun that we did not hear him come up behind us. You know, when fighting in a water balloon war, there is no such a thing as cheating. But, he found a way. You see, Stone has this well. It is fairly deep. The water that comes out of it is extremely cold. He had a spray handle attached to a water hose.

When that cold water hit my back, I found myself up in a tree looking down. I watched him hose down the other three people of our team including Penelope. I hate to say it, but she looked like a wet Chihuahua. As the other side continued to laugh at our misfortune, he soaked them down.

It was a good thing he did not come out earlier because this stopped our little fun. We were almost out of balloons anyway.

My question to you is "Have you had your water balloon fight today?" The temperature for this last week has gotten into the 90s and here in Natchitoches. Ideal weather for a water balloon fight don't you think?

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