Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Sprung

Sunday, April 05

Hello again. Got a chance to get outside and discovered that green exploded all over the place since the weather warmed. Green is not the only color that has popped up. I have found flowers that range in color from red to white to yellow and even seen a couple blue ones. I could not figure out the scent to those blue ones. Then Stone said that they were plastic.

Some of the humans seem to be having trouble with these flowers. It has something to do with something called ‘hay fever.’ I’m confused. I don’t see hay anywhere. Then Stone said they were allergic to ‘pollen.’ This is beyond me.

Apparently, Thenal apparently has the same problem. There are times when he sneezed so hard that my chest hurts.

Unfortunately, we have discovered or should I say rediscovered a few things. First and foremost, we all relearned what Stone calls the "Louisiana Ant Stomp." It seems that we all stepped on the same fire ant bed. Before too long, we found ourselves bouncing around, stomping our feet, and slapping our legs.

It wasn't funny. At least not at first, but when Tement showed us the video. We fell off the couch laughing at our unusual dancing techniques. It was hilarious. It was like nature pulled its own April Fools’ joke.

Now, about April Fools' Day, I wish to report some more antics that went on a few days ago. This includes pranks pulled on Stone as well as others. Especially when we found that ‘whoopee cushion.’

Everywhere we went, we’d hear the sound ‘Ptthhhht!’ when someone sat down. Most everyone would laugh. Though some people lack a sense of humor. Especially, that big football player who sat at the end of the bar with that woman. He tied Thenal in a knot for slipping it into the girl’s chair. Seeing Thenal tied into the shape of a pretzel, now, that was hilarious.

Later, someone slipped cayenne pepper into Stone’s vegetable juice. I’m not going to say whom. After consuming the juice in a single gulp, his face turned red as he fanned his hand over his opened mouth. He coughed a few times and acted as if he could not breathe. If he thought that iced water would help put it out, he had to think again. This is since Thenal substituted vodka for the water. Stone spit it out after he drank that first gulp.

We just sat on the couch displaying our ‘innocent little angle’ expressions. But when he looked at us, I could not hold it any longer and exploded in laughter. Then, the others joined me.

He got us back though. On the table before us were some of those delicious cinnamon cookies that Penelope brought him. He ate a few of them this morning with no side effects. We also made sure that was cinnamon sprinkled on the cookie tops. After a few bites, we discovered that Penelope cooked the red pepper into the cookie.

Fire shot filled my mouth and I started breathing in huffs. Omman’s and Thenal’s eyes bulged out. I found myself fanning my open mouth with my hands. Stone said we looked like the ‘Keystone Cops’ tripping over ourselves trying to get to our water bottles.

When I came back into the kitchen, I found Stone sitting at the table drinking some milk. He opened a pack of gum and put a piece in his mouth. Oh, the mint smell caught the attention of my nose. I reached for the pack when he snatched the pack off of the table and put it in his pocket.

Then Thenal and Omman came in. They asked in unison, “who had the gum?” I pointed at Stone. He walked over to his desk and locked it into the top drawer.

So, our last prank of the night was to slip into the den and get that gum out of his desk. Thenal picked the lock, which surprised me. But he barely got the lock re-latched before Stone returned. In the mean time, we had to hide the gum someplace and try to retrieve it later.

We had forgotten the gum until Stone fussed about his gum being missing yesterday. We got to it last night. Talking about bad tasting, this stuff tasted awful. Every time I brought my teeth together, this bad taste filled my mouth. It like to made me sick.

Thenal asked if he looked as green as the spring foliage. He did. Actually, we all did. Finally, I threw mine away. If that was mint flavored gum, then I am a Ygi. Let me take a look at that pack. Hmmm, by the way, what in the valdarna is ‘garlic gum.’

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