Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mythical Creatures

Sunday, April 12

What is it with you humans and your mythical creatures. A couple months ago this Cupid fella went around shooting lovers with his arrows. Last month, this mythical creature called a Leprechaun wearing green tights, drinking green beer, and hiding and hoarding gold popped up among the clover.

Now, this week a little woodland’s creature called Peter Cottontail hops around delivering these colored eggs to girls and boys. On occasion, Stone’s television set shows a rabbit who clucks and lays chocolate eggs.

Those weren’t chocolate eggs that Thenal stuck in his mouth yesterday. I believe Stone told him that they were rabbit pellets. Thenal had a strange look on his face. Then Stone said rabbit turds. Thenal got sick and started spitting all over the place.

The tradition on this holiday, as I understand this, is that humans go on these Easter egg hunts where children find and collect colorful decorated eggs. The one who collects the most can get a prize.

Part of the fun is the dyeing of the eggs. Stone tried to get us into the spirit by allowing us to dye some eggs. Actually, I did have fun. Not dyeing the eggs, but I had more fun dyeing Omman, Thenal and the twins. That is when I realized why Stone had us do this on the outside picnic table.

Stone’s mistake was to lie in the sun and falling to sleep. Now, we call him rainbow hair. To confuse him, we changed into these rabbit creatures, sat all around him holding these baskets of colored eggs, and clucked.

He did a double-take when he woke up. But Stone’s weird sense of humor came to light, and he said something about having Peter Cottontail rabbit stew. We scattered.

So far, we have encountered five mythical creatures in the past five months. The other two are Chris Kringle and Tom the Turkey. Then again, there are those monsters, goblins and ghosts during Halloween.

Stone said there were a couple more that pop up over the next few months. There is this creature that people curse because he makes their grass grow real fast. And then the three guys responsible for something called the Fourth of July celebration.

We do not know if Stone is being serious or not because Penelope giggled when he told us. But, there are times when she just giggles for no reason. We figure she is scheming.

Stone said the creature responsible for the rapid growth of grass is also what they call the act of cutting the grass: “Mow deLawn.” And the three characters who are responsible for the Fourth of July Celebration: “Snap, Crackle, Pop.”

I think I am being bamboozled here.

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