Sunday, April 19, 2009

Flash, Boom, Whish, Whoopee

Sunday, April 19

I think I may have covered this subject once in the past. The weather in this place is a bit screwy: temperatures warm one day but cold the next. Yesterday started off a bit cool and slightly windy. There seemed to be a battle between the sun and the clouds. In the morning, the sun ruled but by noon, the clouds conquered the sky.

The first clap of thunder found us in our usually hiding place: the cabinet above Stone's refrigerator. I wished Stone would stop storing that cereal up there. It is crowded enough with Thenal, Omman, the twins and me in there let alone these boxes of Crunchees.

Wait, I hear crunching sounds. Oh, Thenal has discovered the Crunchees. Then Stone announced that this area is under a tornado watch. My curiousity had piqued. I remembered the last time we encountered high winds and violent wind vortexes. I climbed out of the cabinet.

Fun trumps fear any day. We has so much fun the last time we wind surfed. Yes, I know. Some of Stone’s pieces of wood we commandeered for wind surfers came back as charcoal due to lightning strikes. He can afford to lose some of them.

Against Tement’s wishes, we broke out our wind surfers and found our way into the sky surfing the winds. Yes, we had to dodge treetops and lightning bolts. Thenal did not quite dodge that last bolt. He had a light charcoal look to him. To me, he looked like a burnt stick with a smile and eyes. What the heck, he had fun.

Granted, I had fun too. Yet, I don’t remember being so bruised up the last time we did this. This time I managed to dodge that tree though it seemed that several other trees reached out for my feet. Then I heard Omman yell, “Oh snap.” One tree successfully grabbed his board out from under him and he hit that limb and it went SNAP!

Stone told us last night that we can expect the same type of weather today. We got our boards and rubbed them down for another day's worth of flying fun. Stone shook his head and stated that he had not seen such a severe case of stupidity in his life. Thenal told him to look in the mirror. We got a good laugh out of that last night.
We then put them away before going to bed.

This morning, I recalled Stone's smile. It did not seem too sincere. Come to think of it, I have not seen Thenal today. I found out that Stone had gone out early this morning. Omman said that Stone mumbled something about flying a kite. I guess I will check that out a little later. I wonder where Thenal is.

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