Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Adventures

Wednesday, April 22

When we last met, there was a question of Thenal's whereabouts. I found him the following morning. Found him up in the air. He looked to be sleeping. I called out his name and he woke up. Oh, by the way, I think I failed to mention that he had been attached to a giant kite made to resemble a giant spider.

When Thenal woke up and saw this, the high-pitched shrill he produced caused most of us to fall to the ground in agony. Dogs howled and cats shot under Stone’s trailer. It did not last too long because he fell into a fear coma.

He came out of this fear coma slightly when we forced a couple of few pieces of dark chocolate into his mouth. Yet, he was not able to participate in the festivities later that day.

Now to a new subject: Every time I turn around, you humans seem to be celebrating either a holiday or event. Then you use events to celebrate events. I don't want to think on this too much, because I'm afraid my brain will explode.

Today, I wish to cover the event known as Earth Day. Apparently, this day is set aside to make you humans aware of your environment and how you treat it. Stone states that there have been reports about global warming in the newscasts for the last couple of years.

One of these so-called greenhouse gases that these so-called experts claimed to increase global warming is called methane. At one time, we attempted to eliminate one big source of this gas, but it turned out disastrously. Our attempt to control Omman's emissions failed. He ballooned out to about two and half times its size and really looked miserable. Then that plug popped out. It knocked poor Thenal out; who stood 25 feet away by the way. Also, he happened to be bending over in front of a candle when that plug flew. We lost sight of Thenal as he crested over a nearby stand of trees 15 minutes ago.

Stone came out with a fire extinguisher wondering what the valdarna had happened. He said it sounded like a jet engine taking off followed by an explosion. That must have been when he landed beyond the trees. Not to mention the flaming crap that landed everywhere, literally.

Stone mentioned that some of the politicians were giving speeches about wind energy and global warming. He also laughs at what he calls the contradictions involved. According to Stone, most politicians can produce enough hot air inflate a hot air balloon in ten minutes. Also, swears that a single politician should be able to propel one of those portable wind generators, yet his/her hot air can still contribute to global warming. He finds it curious that the snow melts around Washington, DC when Congress is in session and there is a lively debate.

Enough on politicians: we also enjoyed our day. We discovered something Stone called a "mud run." This is where a group of humans get together to play in the mud. Most of them run through it using something called an ATV. We Varnark prefer to just jump on in and make a mess without one of those vehicles. I initiated a mud fight among us Varnark. I also lost. Mud covered me from head to foot.

Now, I must give everyone a warning pertaining to this. When one finishes playing in the mud, make sure he/she watches the mud off of their bodies. Never, I mean never, lie out in the sun with that mud on. Thenal, Omman, the twins, and I found ourselves unable to move. Who know that the sun would bake that mud into such a hard substance. Valdarna, we couldn't even move.

Now, I’ve always known that Stone has this special ability to get one motivated. When he cranked that chainsaw, I found that motivations. I also discovered that I had all types of strength to break from that clay bondage. I just hope he wouldn't cut the tree down in which we took refuge. One can find that he/she can be inspired to do the nearly impossible if given the proper motivation to do so.

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