Monday, March 2, 2009

Mardi Gras Parade

Monday, March 2

Another story about our Mardi Gras experience. This one is centered around one of our missions. We – Tement, Thenal, Omman and I – were assigned to watch the activities an Ygi research group who were taking samples of human DNA. The five Ygi research team turned out to be harmless. After a couple of hours, they finished their work.

Before too long, both groups got into the spirit of Mardi Gras. To fit in, both groups came dressed in costumes and masks. Again, some of us appeared as human younglings called children. The Ygi did the same.

Crafts the humans called ‘floats’ came down the road. The shapes of these floats signified some type of them, but we could not figure the theme. Some designs denoted faces where others denoted objects. All the floats contained people dressed in costumes who tossed out all types of goodies.

The men, women, and children along the parade route called out, “Throw me something, Mister.” They called out to get the attention of those tossing out those ‘throws.’

The people on the floats tossed out all types of goodies. Beads, footballs, flying disks, and candy came flying out into the crowds. I think they also tossed a flat-disked shaped item called a ‘doubloon.’ We collected all we could get our hands on.

About halfway through the parade, I discovered that Thenal had gotten into a competition with an Ygi named Bordaz. They both stood about three foot tall. They began collecting beads to determine who could collect the most and still remain on their feet. The first one to collapse would lose.

Soon, it became apparent that they got over their heads in this contest of theirs, literally. Before too long, they had so many beads around their necks that they could not keep their balance. They wobbled when they walked. Eventually, they got to the point that when they stood still, they had to lean up against a wall or pole.

Actually, they caught the attention of several humans. These humans laughed at the actions of the two. They then got into the spirit of the competition and added bead around their necks.

While they were doing that, the rest of us were collecting cups, beads, candies, flying discs along with some stuffed animals. Omman caught the attention of this teen-aged human girl. She gave him a kiss on the side of his face and said he looked so cute.

He turned the color of one of Stone’s red peppers. We had to hold him down because he started to float without the use of his levitation belt. We tend to do that during certain times of joy.

The contest between Thenal and Bordaz came to a climatic conclusion. They both stood side-by-side to see if they could take a measure of how many beads they both had. Then both fell over toward each other. We and the other Ygi agreed that it had to be a tie since both fell at the same time. They were leaning against each other holding each other up.

I almost got one of my New Year’s resolutions. We left Thenal in that field leaning against that Ygi. The Ygi did the same. But, alas, he managed to get free and bring all of those beads to Stone’s trailer. There goes the resolution of getting rid of some ugly fat.

Thenal took photos of them for the scrapbook, but Thenal erased them before we could download them. We now have only one problem. What to do with all of those beads and other throws.

The flying disks and footballs come in handy when we want to pass the time. We will just go outside and play with them. The stuffed animals sit on a shelf in our room. As for the beads, we have no idea what to do with them. Though we did tie Thenal up with the beads after he threw that fit for leaving him behind.

We also used some of the beads to make a chain to keep Omman from floating off. He floated behind the trailer for two days after the parade had ended. We won’t let him live this down when he comes out of that trance.

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