Monday, March 9, 2009

Daylight Saving What?

Monday, March 9

Hello my friends. The topic today is no where near nor dear to my heart. I do have a question. Whoever came up with this concept of this ‘Daylight Saving Time’ should be punished. My punishment would be to place them into a room and force them to listen to Thenal sing for 24 hours. More than that would be considered inhumane punishment.

Tempted to do that to Stone for not warning us about this horrific event. We taught him a lesson. He had to deal with five grumpy Varnark for the hour and a half ride back to his place.

When he woke us, we thought he was pulling one of his pranks. I looked out the window and I could not see the telltale sign of morning. Usually, at this time of the morning, one side of the sky to the east starts to shift to a dark blue then to a powder blue.

This morning, we found total darkness in all directions of the sky. I said something stupid like ‘won’t someone pinch me so I can wake from this nightmare.’ Thenal shouldn’t have done that. I hope he did not leave a bruise. He got his. As we passed the hotel pool, I bumped him into it.

I think he was walking in his sleep as well as dreaming. What about, I do not know, but when he came up, he was yelling ‘Don’t flush! Don’t flush!’

Come to find out, Daylight Saving Time affected others as well. This one guy shot out of his room yelling he was late for an interview. My question on this is do humans try to impress a future employer by interviewing wearing a pair of shorts and a T-shirt?

Now, the idea of moving the hand to the clock up one-hour thus gaining an hour of sunlight just does not compute. I checked the statistics put out by some weather web site. They do not bear out this idea of an extra hour. I only found two-minute increase in daylight from Saturday to Sunday. You humans confuse us Varnark.

It seems that I am just rambling at the present time so guess I will let this post go for now. So, I hope you enjoy your extra hour of sunlight in the evening. I, myself, want my morning hour back.

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