Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentine's Day

Monday, February 23

Today I wish to talk on a subject of Valentine’s Day. We spent most of that day in hiding in our favorite spot above Stone's refrigerator after Stone told us that there is a creature flying about shooting people with arrows in the name of love.

What got us out of that cabinet that Saturday turned out to be a dance. Someone held a Valentine’s Day dance. When it comes to dancing, we can’t help ourselves. Something about fast paced music causes us to move in uncontrollable ways. And we like it.

Once we got there though, we realized that this dance was going to be a bit different. For one, the music tempo seemed slower. Then most of the humans were dancing in pairs. No one bounced around like some of the past dances we’ve attended.

Stone recommended that we go as something called ‘teenagers.’ He was right; we would’ve looked out of place if we went as our usual younglings shapes.

We found ourselves dancing with these cute young human females. I know I felt different. I really was not interested in this slow dancing, but these young human females did seem to catch my interest.

My eyes fell upon this one with long black hair. She seemed familiar and soon I found myself dancing with this cute thing. She felt soft and her smile made my knees week. My heart raced as if I had been filled with fear but it was actually exhilaration.

Until that point, the only kiss I had experienced was made out of chocolate. She gave me one that almost sent me into orbit. I did not want the exhilaration to end.

But all good things must come to an end. That exhilaration changed into fear instantly when her boyfriend showed up. Valdarna, he was humongous. No one warned me about those. A brick wall had nothing compared to him. She said something about that if I wanted to live that I had better get running.

Thus, I am no longer scared of this 'Cupid' character. I think the monster I am hiding from this time is call Joseph.

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