Sunday, February 8, 2009

Smile in the Sky

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I must say that we Varnark as a race can scare easily. Yes, sometimes from our own shadows. Though that character that Stone talks about named ‘Cupid.’ Stone claims that this ‘Cupid’ flies around shooting people with arrows to make them fall in love with each other. This does sound a bit scary. No, you say. You haven’t seen the characters we hang around with.

We get scared of things that turn out to be harmless. Being in a strange place, we do not know what to expect. On this night, shadows are not what had us spooked. This is during the time when the ultimate shadow fell upon the land called night. What caught us off guard and spooked us hung low in the sky.

We Varnark are a curious type. When we first landed here on this planet, it had been years since we encountered the light/dark cycle in which you humans call ‘day.’

So, for days we would marvel at the transition from daylight to darkness and the other way around. The color of the sky with large puffs of white water vapor floating across them kept us entertained for days as well. Yes, I know, it does not take much to entertain us Varnark.

So last week when Stone called us out to the lake to observe a site in the sky, we had to look. Many of us have never seen what you called a ‘Moon’ until we landed five months ago. On the nights that a ‘Full Moon’ appeared, we would study its shape, its shadows and its brightness.

Stone said something about the ‘Man in the Moon.’ It is some type of legend about being able to see a man’s face on the surface of the Moon. Over the last few months, we got to observe this ‘Full Moon’ several times. We never did see the guy though. Sometimes, I begin to worry about Stone.

On this night though, we got to see a marvel that we had not thought about: phases of the Moon. We know about the Full Moon but that only last about a day. The rest of the time the Moon is changing phase from Full Moon to New Moon or the other way around.

When we looked up, we saw a crescent or sickle shape in the sky. Stone said that the New Moon passed a few days earlier.

Thenal pointed out that it looked like a smile hanging low in the sky above the lake. I was surprised that he made the association. He then expanded this association by saying that it looked sinister and evil and that something is about to happen.

This caused the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up. Not the sinister smile; the fact that Thenal is thinking. That scares me more than anything.

Then Thenal pointed at the Crescent Moon and yelled that it winked. Things really hit the fan when Omman dropped one of my mechanical tarantulas on Thenal’s head. Talking about screaming and hollering, Thenal’s voice hit a few high notes that I didn’t think he had the capability of reaching.

He disappeared. I picked up my torn-apart tarantula. Valdarna, I wished I had thought to do that. I mean the tarantula was a great idea. We found Thenal up a nearby tree.

Just at that moment, Stone’s cat screamed. I looked around and found the others had joined Thenal among the limbs. Okay, okay, I was up there as well hugging the limb above Thenal. When I looked through the leaves at the spot Thenal pointed out, I saw a twinkling star. I must say that it reminded me of a winking eye.

As for the cat screaming, Stone held his cat and said that someone stepped on the poor thing’s tail. Oh, by the way, that cat scares us at times as well.

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