Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mardi Gras Pet Parade

Wednesday, February 25

These celebrations seem to go on all over the place. Not only do the humans celebrate it, they also make their pets participate.

Tement thought it would be a great idea for us to participate in one of these pet parades. Why, I have not figured out just yet. I think he wanted to humiliate us. I suspect Stone suggested it.

I do not mind becoming an animal but I am not that crazy about being turned into a dog. Stone referred to us as mutts. His derogatory remarks almost got him bit. Also, the fleas and the urge to sniff someone’s nazda don’t appeal to me.

Then I found out about those stupid costumes that we would have to wear. Now, the chain collars looked nifty. The whole situation was almost enough to make us take a bite out of someone. I, myself, wanted to take a chunk out of Stone’s hide.

For the to town, we piled in the back of Stone’s truck and rode with our heads hanging over the side of the truck bed. Every time Thenal opened his mouth though, his tongue would slap me across my face. Yuck! At least I didn’t sniff Omman nazda when he passed gas. Thenal passed out on that one.

The ultimate humiliation came when Stone attached those leashes to our collars. This really turned out to be a demeaning event. At least we weren’t turned into cats.

Penelope showed up with her pet tarantula on her shoulder. Talking about parting of the crowds, people did not share her passion for the eight-legged creature. I wonder what would have happened if she would have brought my three remote controlled versions.

We felt better when we discovered that dogs ruled the parade. Yet, someone forgot to tell the Ygi. A whole group of them came as cats. This got the attention of every dog on the street. Omman and Thenal pulled tight on their leashes which caused the chains to tighten around their neck. Stone’s strong grip on those leashes like to had choked them.

Three other dogs got loose though. Valdarna, one should have seen those cats scatter. When the parade started, I finally spotted where they took refuge. On the bottom limb of an oak tree sat seven cats watching as the parade passed them by.

Yet, the parade got delayed by 15 minutes due to rain. Stone and Tement took shelter under an umbrella. As for the rest of us, we made fools of ourselves frolicking in the rain.

When we got home, we continued to frolic around in the yard. Stone refused to let us into the trailer. He said something about us smelling too much like wet dog. Whatever that is supposed to mean.

We forgot about Stone’s cat though. Laughing at those Ygi being chased up a tree has come back to haunt us. Tement took a photo of us for our scrapbook. It shows four mutts sitting on the bottom limb of an oak tree in Stone’s front yard with a cat sitting at the base of that tree primping.

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