Thursday, February 12, 2009

Equipment Malfunctions

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ever had problems with equipment that caused you to want to pull your hair out. I ran into such a problem the other day with one of my holographic devices that almost made me bald.

No matter what I did to the device, I could not get one of the colors to come up in the image. First, the red refused to appear. Then I got the red to work but lost the green. Finally, I get the green to work but lose the blue. The images I used came from a group of photos from Stone’s computer of some of my group.

Granted, we may not be the best looking lot to you humans. But you all do not look all that great to us. I noticed the photos of Stone and Penelope as well as others did not really look right.

But when I pulled up a photo of Thenal, I realized that one of the colors did not look all that hot. He took on an ugly green color as if he had eaten something that disagreed with.

Now, I understand why Stone locks up his hammers and sledges before he starts working on his equipment. Until today, I had been confused trying to figure out why he did so and why he called them ‘weapons of destruction.’

What I figured out was that this action prevents one from having easy access to these tools. After the second time I adjusted it, I pulled up a different image. Everything looked yellow. After the last time when I got a purplish color, I would have beaten that holographic imaging device into a pile of useless junk. The only thing that saved it was I did not have access to a hammer.

Now, the frustrating part came when Stone sat down and pulled photos from a different directory and the image corrected itself. How was I to know that Thenal and Omman manipulated the photos last night.

Stone was not much help either. He said something about having “a short between the keyboard and the chair.” Whatever that is supposed to mean.

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