Saturday, January 10, 2009

Squeal, Boom, Splash

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Peace how reigns Stone’s neighborhood. A few days ago I felt like I lived in a war zone. Well, I’m glad the wars have ended. The problem is that a war may be popping up within the ranks of the Varnark. According to Stone, humans can purchase fireworks during certain times of the year.

Stone said he used firecrackers to scare crows out of his mother’s pecan trees. When he lights one and drops it down a metal pipe, the explosion sounds like one of those percussion weapons discharging. Talking about crows scattering. We laugh at the idea mainly because the Ygi like to transform into crows so that they can spy on us, but that is a different story.

Unfortunately, while playing with his fireworks, he showed the twins some tricks that has come back to haunt the rest of us. One of those tricks involved something he called ‘people chasers*' and water-filled ditches. Karnka, Thenal and I happened to be standing near a ditch containing water. Suddenly, we hear this squealing sound. One of the twins set off this ‘people chaser’ and it shot into the water. It bubbled about for a few seconds. Like 'several bumps on a log' as Stone would say it, we just stood there and watched it bubble. Then it exploded throwing water all over us. We are still looking for the twins.

When we catch them, that is when the real fireworks begin.

* It is also known as a ‘screamer’ or ‘whistler.’ It is from four to five inches long. When set off, it whistles as it shoots across the ground aimlessly going one way or the other. At times, it can look like it is chasing after someone.

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