Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sarcasm – Again?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The only thing I think Thenal learned from his actions with that hairy biker is not to mouth off to hairy bikers. But there are others that he need to watch out for as well.

One day Penelope came in and asked what could she do with her tarantula while she was out. Thenal popped up and said. “We could always dip it in batter and fry it up for supper.”

This pissed me off at first because he came up with a perfect retort for Penelope’s question. Then I realized at whom he aimed that retort. This is another example of why one needs to be careful of where, when and whom one answers sarcastically. For a second, I forgot about Penelope’s crazy streak. So did Thenal. Now, I am glad I had not said it.

I had somewhat expected her to react immediately, but she did not. Actually, Penelope pretended that she did not hear Thenal’s barb at all. This shows how unpredictable she can be. We do not know how or when she did it, but she managed to slip into our room during the night.

Thenal is usually the first out of bed because he likes to be the first in the shower. Something to do with hot water. I don’t know why. Stone always says that Thenal keeps getting into ‘hot water’ every time he turns around. I wonder at times if Thenal likes to get into trouble.

Since he got up first, none of us seen anything out of place. I heard the shower going when I woke and started stretching. That is when I noticed something unusual on the floor at the head of Thenal’s bed: hair.

Then this blood-curdling scream caught our attention followed by a loud thump. After we managed to get the door open, we found Thenal on the floor. Tement kneeled down beside him and placed his hand on Thenal’s head.

That is when I noticed the pattern cut into Thenal’s hair. A small circular patch of hair on the top with eight strips of hair down extending outward from it. Two white spots sat to the front of the circular patch. It reminded me of eyes. Actually, it reminded me of a spider.

Tement snickered and asked for the others to help put Thenal back into his bunk. When I got a closer look at Thenal’s scalp, I also noticed some reddish stains. I could hardly keep my laughter down. It looked like a giant tarantula had crawled onto Thenal’s head and started to suck out his blood.

Later that day, Thenal came out of the room wearing a cap. When he saw Penelope, he froze. Then Omman snatched the cap off of Thenal’s head. Everyone began to snicker. Someone asked him about his spider. Penelope said that it looked more like a starving brain sucker to her. Thenal quickly placed the cap back on his head and left the room.

She then said that the next time someone mentions anything about cooking her pet might have a similar problem with his or her hair. But next time it she might use something called ‘wax’ to remove the hair.

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