Thursday, January 8, 2009


Thursday, January 8, 2009

I keep hearing people making these so-called New Year’s resolutions. It turns out that these are statements of what one wants to change about themselves or to accomplish in the following year. I do wish to accomplish something this next year. As for changing something, I am not aware that I have anything that needs to be changed.

Yet, when one of Stone’s acquaintances vowed to give up smoking, I began to rethink that stance. I plan to give up smoking this year too. Mainly, I vow to make sure I don’t set myself on fire again anytime during the following 12 months. No fire, no smoke.

Stone said something about working out in order to lose a couple pounds of ugly fat. I too would like to rid myself of 79 pounds of ugly fat. Actually, I had tried on several occasions this past year to lose this ugly fat, but Thenal keeps finding his way back home.

I also vow to listen to other more intently, not call people names and not impatiently cut people off who are speaking to m…. NO, Thenal, I can’t talk right now. Can’t you see that I am recording my blog post? Gees. You ignoramus.

What do you mean I should vow to hold my temper? I have no problems with my temper. Get out of here before I kick your …, Okay, that does it. Aaaahh!
Bang! Hey!
Boom! Ow, that hurts!
Clank! Thunk! Stop that! Narval, quit!
Thunk! Ow, ow! I’m going, I'm going.
Now that they are gone, I can get back to what I was doing. Uh, what was I doing? Oh, yea, New Year’s Resolutions. I also vow to stick to my assignments until they are completed and not get distracte….

What’s that buzzing sound? Wow, Penelope just came up on a yellow and black scooter. She calls it her ‘yellow jacket.’ I gotta go now. Need to find out if she will let me ride it.

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