Thursday, January 29, 2009

Political Humor

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hello, Stone here again. I am sorry for missing the last week. Time seemed to pass too fast. This following post had been intended for last Thursday.

I have chosen this time to come out and speak because of a historic event. Last Tuesday, January 20, we are inaugurating our 44th president. Although I did not vote for him, I hope Barack Obama does well as he take office.

With that being said, I do not know why anyone would want to be a politician. Being a politician, whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, makes you a target for political humor. Not withstanding, this situation does too.

This barb is not aimed directly at Barack Obama. But it is aimed at all politicians. This is also done in the name of humor with no maliciousness involved.

The main reason I am happy that the inauguration is completed is that now the event no longer monopolizes the media. It seemed that everywhere I looked - television, newspapers, magazines, and Internet - all I see are reports on the Inauguration activity.

There is this idea of having too much of a good thing. I remember all of the historic coverage when Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush were inaugurated. I got tired of this activity during that time as well.

It is like the presidential or any election. One can be happy because his/her candidate won but most everyone is glad that they no longer have to hear all those news reports, speeches and advertisements any longer.

It is like my older brother’s high school commencement. The speaker was a senator and gave a long speech. When he finished, the student’s in my brother’s graduating class clapped loud and long. One, they were happy he finally finished. Two, they were afraid if they stopped clapping, he would start talking again.

I will be building a few posts based on these events. Again, this is done in the spirit of humor and is not intended to offend.

Thanks, Stone.

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