Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh, My Aching Jaw

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello there. One of the reasons why we Varnark came to this planet is to observe the actions of the humans who occupy this planet. According Tement, this also means we need to experience what they feel at times. So happens, it was my turn to be the one to feel this wonderful experience.

Wouldn't you know it, Stone would have to have dental work done today. He had an appointment with someone called a dentist.

In order for me to share his experiences including what he feels, sees, and tastes, Tement placed a device we call an ‘icker’ or mental bonding and transference device on my skull. The icker creates a mental connection between a human’s brain and a Varnark’s mind. Once we are attached with the device, we cannot detach it without proper equipment. Tement hides this equipment from us until the mission is competed. This forces us to feel everything that the human feels throughout the day.

Back to Stone. He had an appointment for the doctor to drill out and fill in a tooth. I guess this should have been a warning. Then I saw the doctor pull out this device called a ‘needle.’ It is supposed to deaden the pain. What is going to kill the pain that thing produced.

As she pushed in this needle, I started tearing at the icker stuck to my skull. I think I would prefer to feel the skin being torn off my scalp than that needle going into my jaw. I think the next time Tement brings this up that I will suggest Thenal get this honor.

When that doctor jabbed that needle into his gums, I tried to scream but my voice failed me. Then when I thought she would remove the needle, she pushed it back in. I felt the needle scrap my jaw. This was followed by the right side of my tongue feeling like it is swelling and is numb. So was the right side of my jaw.

Then she comes at me with this drill that produces this high pitched shrill. With that drill, she attacked the tooth. I saw smoke rise and then smelt something burning. I drank three glasses of water trying to put out that fire in my mouth – actually it would have been in Stone’s mouth.

That shrill the drill produced traveled through the bone to Stone’s ears. He forgot to tell me that he is sensitive to high-pitched shrilling noises. So, it drove my ears nuts.

After about an hour and a half of torture techniques, Stone finished his appointment. Then that medicine the doctor injected into Stone’s jaw started diminish. For about two hours, it felt like the time when Thenal punched me in the mouth.

What hurt the most is when Stone yawned. Every time he yawned, pain shot through my jaw. What else could go wrong. Wait a second. What is that Thenal. He is out behind his trailer spraying poison on a yellow jacket’s nest. No, not that.

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

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