Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh, My Aching Head II

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tement keeps telling that life isn’t fair. I wished he’d stop saying that. I just want to know why I still feel Stone’s pain when he no longer does? Tement took the icker off of me last night. Yet, my jaw still hurts, and the bumps on my arm still burn and hurt.

I can understand why Stone had to get his teeth worked on. That was a matter of personal health. As for messing with those yellow jackets, I think he has a death wish at times. I don’t care if they needed to get to his tractor. He should have waited until our mental connection had been severed.

For the last two days, pain has racked my body. I am scared to yawn because the stretching of my jaw causes much pain. I can’t handle this spike of pain throughout my jaw.

Then I overheard Stone say something about how ‘yawns’ are contagious. He then yawned. Valdarna if that isn’t true and I couldn’t help myself. Unfortunately, Thenal and Omman heard this too. Every time I see them, they purposely yawn. I find myself needing to yawn. As soon as I do so, pain shoots through my jaw.

I told Thenal that his time will be coming.

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