Sunday, January 18, 2009

Language Observations

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Today, I wish to talk about my observations on the way humans use their language. We Varnark noticed that Stone uses his knowledge of language to accomplish many things. At times, he may use one word, phrase or sentence that says one thing but implies the opposite. The humans call this language device ‘sarcasm.’ This 'sarcasm' interest us Varnark and figure that is a way to get under someone's skin without actually getting physical.

What had been lost on us was the fact that we should use this 'sarcasm' sparingly. We began to answer everything sarcastically when asked a question. Our barbs got so bad that Stone threatened to ‘boot’ us out. He said something about not having to live in a trailer filled with ‘teenagers.’

Since we did not like the way he said, “Boot,” we cut back on being sarcastic when answering him or at least some of us did. We do not know exactly what he meant by that but by the way he said it, we figured that we may not want to find out.

That was my first hint that we needed to tone down the use of sarcasm. Different people react differently to it. Also, I realize that are times in which sarcasm can be used and a time when it should not. Yet, Omman and Thenal had not caught this threat. The rest of us got the Valdarna out of there.

Thenal received a harsh lesson on sarcasm when he mouthed off to some hairy guy wearing leather. He said something sarcastic about the guy’s motorcycle and girlfriend. He thought he would be cute and funny. The guy tied him up like a pretzel and stuffed him in a trashcan.

In a way, he succeeded in being funny. We laughed so hard that we nearly passed out. And I guess he make a cute looking pretzel inside that trashcan.

Though we did not want to, Tement forced us to pry Thenal out of that trashcan and untangle him. Still, Omman did not learn from Thenal’s experience. Stone asked if we walked to the park, and Omman popped off, “Naw, we flew half the way and then started walking.”

We found out what Stone meant by ‘booting’ someone out of the trailer. He grabbed Omman by the collar, walked over to the door, and brought his foot to Omman’s backside. I think that was Omman’s first flying lesson.

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