Saturday, January 31, 2009

Inauguration Visit

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last week, Tement took us to a place called Washington, D.C., to shadow another group of Ygi. Intelligence told us that more than 2 million people had been expected to attend. Having a group of Ygi in a crowd that big is like tossing a Varnark into a chocolate factory. They could go nuts over the large selection of humans.

Stone called this event an inauguration. He said that the nation we landed in had placed a new leader into office. He calls them politicians. Tement will not allow us to use the word that our equipment translated that into.

This makes me wonder why anyone would want to be a politician. Now, those signs we saw when we first landed make more sense now.

Well, when we got up there, we found out that we had arrived a day early. The snow looked so beautiful and undisturbed. That did not last long. We started building snowmen. Then the Ygi research team appeared.

We stared at each other for a second. That’s when all Valdarna broke loose. Snowballs few and laughter rang out. Then three humans wearing uniforms called out for us to halt. That was their mistake. I know we should not have done it, but in my opinion, they asked for it. We stopped for a full second. Then both the Ygi and us began to pummel those officers with snowballs.

Then they got reinforcements. We took off running. I do not know where the Ygi hid, but we found ourselves hiding in some trees. They did not have snowballs; they were carrying weapons that could hurt.

Now, when we appear in public, we usually disguise ourselves as human younglings. I don’t think they would have done anything to us, but we weren’t going to take any chances.

It was not easy but we managed to slip into the festivities the following morning. Stone was correct; there had to have been more than 2 million people here to celebrate this "inauguration."
An advantage of taking the form of a human youngling is that the humans usually do not pay any attention to us while we move around the crowd. I see several disadvantages in that we can’t see what is going on around us. But that is usually canceled when someone places one of us on his/her shoulders.

The main disadvantage of being a human youngling at these types of event is that our head height is about the same as many human adults nazdas. With so many people in close proximity, it was bound to happen. We got stuck behind a group of humans who must have eaten bean burritos earlier in the day. Every time we turned around, some guy in that group plastered us with a violent discharge of gas. Thenal said something about finding some corks.

Now, Omman pulled out a lighter he picked up from somewhere. I tried to stop him but he done lit it when the guy in front of him let one go. The human started slapping his backside and everyone began to laugh.

Omman should have known better to stand directly behind the guy when he lit that thing. He ran and stuck his head into some of that wet slush. When he pulled his head out of the slush, we noticed that the flash fire burnt his eyebrows clean off. I bit my lip in my attempt to keep from laughing.

Other than that, the trip up to this inauguration was a bit boring.

Well, until later, Narval.

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