Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Day After The Day After

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I feel like I need to shave my tongue. Makes one wonder if that partying was worth it: the headache the next morning, the fuzzy tongue, the light sensitivity. You bet your sweet nazda!

The fresh air and sunshine made me feel better. To re-hydrate myself, I got a bottle of water. This time it was water and not the alcohol mix we hid in that carton of bottled water.

Oh, yea. Tement just reminded me that I need to clear up an insinuation made at the end of my last blog entry. Stone did not give me alcohol. He gave me a container of bottled water in which Thenal hid our alcohol mix. Tement is still peeved at us for hiding our stash in plain sight like that. He’ll never find those fireworks though.

Whatever happened that night seems to be a bit fogged at the present time. I remember some loud booms, but from what source, I am not sure. I must admit that I found myself hiding in the tree in front of Stone’s place. Then, I thought Omman may have passed gas too close to the campfire and blew up. Then I found him on the limb above me.

This brings up another aspect of how humans name things. For instance, Stone calls that temporary fogging of memory a brain cramp. All I can tell you is that I suffered from a major case of brain cramp at the present time.

I also must conclude that this condition is brought on by an excess use of alcohol. I have no idea what I did last night. Though, I will dispute anything that Thenal claims I did.

It seems that I do remember making several New Year's revolutions. That's right, revolutions. I got too close to that campfire and set my backside of fire. That is when I did a few flips. This was followed by me rolling on the ground to put myself out.

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