Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Alcohol, Fireworks and New Years

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This holiday in which one tells another ‘Happy New Year’ fascinates me. First, everyone throws parties that celebrates the ending of one year and the start of a new. The holiday was explained to me as a person can make a new start or a new beginning to his/her life.

The drinks that they serve interest me as well. Now, I can tell you that just because you drink one does not necessarily mean you will greet a Tequila Sunrise the following morning. Actually, if my memory serves me right, I tried to avoid the sunrise or any bright light the following.

I wonder if my fuzzy tongue came from that drink called a ‘hairy navel.’ Though, I think Karnka used more vodka that it called for.

As for my brain cramp, it has eased a bit. My memory of that night is coming back. I realize now that it was not Omman exploding that caused the loud explosion we heard. The people around Stone’s home began firing fireworks. It sounded like a battle going on.

Yes, I joined the others in that tree after the first explosion, but that is so that I could get a better look at the firework display going on from all directions.

By the way, what is this fascination for fireworks the humans have? A few weeks ago, they started to sell fireworks to the public. This has caused us Varnark trouble to no end.

No, the humans did not attack us. The problem came in when the younger Varnark discovered them. They loaded up on them. I am afraid that I might wake up with a string of lit firecrackers tied to the back of my pants.

That reminds me; Penelope brought the drinks over for the party. I seemed to remember that the drinks she made started to make us a bit more fearless. Heck, Thenal lost his fear of her tarantula after that second shot of tequila.

I was told that the fear returned the following morning when he found the tarantula on his chest. No, I did not do it, but I will probably get blamed for it. That is the reason why Tement found him sleeping in the oak tree in front of Stone’s trailer the following morning.

And I do not care what Thenal says, Stone’s cat did not make faces at me that night. Oh, wait. What’s that you said Thenal? You did not tell Stone to put that on the blog.

Valdarna! Stone, could you stop typing and erase what I just said? Please. Oh, valdarna. Stubborn ….

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