Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend Madhouse

December 2, 2008

I have a question: Are humans supposed to act this way? I mean, is it normal to scream at, holler at, and cheer at a box called a television set that sits in the middle of a room?

Why don’t I explain. After everyone finished feeding their face, they retired to two rooms that contained a television set. It so happens that they watched the same game but rooted for opposite teams.

During this game, I noticed marked changes in their attitudes. They became more aggressive and animated. The other Varnark noticed these changes as well. The funny thing is that when the group in one room would cheer, the group in the second room would react in an opposite manner.

Let me explain further. A player dressed in white took off down the field carrying the ball. Other players in dark jerseys took off in pursuit. Clark’s group would yell, “Kill’em, Kill’em.” or “Get’em, get’em.” or “Stop that joker.” as they shook their fists and leaned forward in their chairs. Then they would sink back into their chair and become solemn.

In contrast, Penelope’s group in the other room would be jumping up and down screaming, “Run, run, you fool.” or “Go, go, go.” They then would dance around, raise their arms and slap their hand against the others’ (I think they called that a 'high-five?), and even bounce up and down in their chairs.

The groups would do one or the other depending which team carried the ball. Though, I think Penelope’s group seemed to be more jubilant. The way her group continued to bounce around and scream after the end of the game tells me that their team won.

We did not get to watch much of the game ourselves. To tell you the truth, we didn’t even know the team names. It is not because they would not let us watch the game. We found their antics, dances and chants more fascinating to watch than anything else. They also taunted each other during breaks.

The only time they got distracted from the game came when the twins got into it with each other. They apparently had gotten into the game, but they chose opposite teams as well. We had to break them up.

This also happened on Friday and Saturday. All this aggravation that we got to enjoy and we did not have to pull a single prank to create it. On Sunday, they all did root for the same team. They still got quite animated over it as well though.

I introduced two characters in this post: Penelope and the twins. I will cover them at a later post.

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