Saturday, December 13, 2008

Stone Expounds

December 13, 2008

Hello, Stone here. I wanted to expound a bit on several subjects. One pertains to the story ideas I have for Narval’s Folly. Another covers other thoughts on writing.

Some of the stories that I am working on involving Narval are based on events that have occurred in my family's past – far past. One or two stories may have came to me by friends. When my father told me his stories, I tried to record them on paper for future telling.

I will tell other stories myself. Most are not very long. In telling my stories, I will more than likely change the names. As for the stories involving Narval, I plan to tell the story behind the story at the end of the post or as the next post.

As for were I find my story ideas, I find them from many places. Newspapers and newscasts provide some of my story ideas. I also get story ideas from the people around me.

On other thoughts pertaining to writing, I enjoy building short stories and novels though sometimes I get myself into a position that I feel overwhelmed while writing. Sometimes, story ideas hide and I can’t find them. Other times, they flood my mind and I am not able to write them down fast enough.

I hope you enjoyed my past posts and will continue enjoying my future post. Have a nice day. – Stone

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