Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Snowmen Attacked

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In my last post, I noted that Tement sent Thenal, the twins and Karnka northward. It looks as if he did it to let Thenal cool off - literally. They went to play in snow. With all the reports of winter storms abound, Tement sent a whole group of Varnark to relax in snowed-in areas up north. Knowing Karnka, they will spend most of their time trying to best each other on the number of snowmen they each build.

I spent my time relaxing in front of my monitor checking the progress of my tarantulas. By the way, Stone’s trailer is nice and warm. My kind of fun.

My spiders preformed quite well – if I have to say so myself. Well, I did have some doubt about tarantula three (T3) at first. As soon as I activated the arachnids, their scent detectors found the presence of Ygi and they took off hunting.

Two spiders (T1 and T2) followed the Ygi’s scent down hiking trails. T3 teleported three or four times while tracking its prey. On that last jump though, the tarantula’s scent detector became overwhelmed with Ygi's scent. It could not determine which direction it needed to go. The tarantula detectors indicated that it had to be surrounded by Ygi. Yet, every direction it looked showed me that device landed in an open field lined with trees. I figured the arachnid malfunctioned.

I prepared to teleport it back home when T1 and T2 sent an alarm. They stopped at the edge of an open field. In the middle of that field stood a structure with a tower standing next to it. Each tarantula began to scan the building, the tower and the grounds from the tree line where they hid.

That is when I discovered why the third tarantula had acted like it landed among them. In a way it did. T2’s camera showed T3 standing near the top of the tower. Outside the cabin stood several Ygi.

To make a long story short, my tarantulas confirmed the presence of both Ygi and their human captives. I counted 10 Ygi and four humans. T1 found a pile of human bones behind the house. Indications that they are harvesting humans. After I adjusted the program of T3, it found the humans chained in a back room: three men and one woman.

The Ygi seemed to be lethargic. Tement believes they must have just harvested a human. Since Garnara was busy, Fecioun accompanied us on our mission. During the darkness, we teleported many of those snowmen that the Thenal, Karnka and the others made. Fecioun provided us the remotely controlled weapons loaded with full-load blanks.

Just before dawn, the firefight began when one of the rogues spotted the snowmen and opened fire. The snowmen fired back. Three Ygi ran into the trees in an attempt to escape. I kind of felt sorry for them. Soon as they got into the tree ling, they stopped firing. Then high-pitched screams pierced our ears along with some crunching sounds of limbs breaking.

They should have taken the southwest trail and surrendered to our two outrider teams. Soon, two Ygi exited the forest into the field screaming at the top of their lungs and running as if they saw a monster. We had to cover our ears. A few seconds later, a human exited the trail firing a weapon of some type.

She then lowered her weapon and threw two sticks at the fleeing Ygi. The sticks struck the rouges behind the knee making their legs collapse. They hit the ground beside each other. As they tried to get up, she landed on top of them. The screeching started up again. By the time we got to the Ygi, Penelope had them tied like hogs. No, wait, that is ‘hog-tied.’

We all knew that Penelope was crazy but not this crazy. She took on three Ygi carrying energy weapons carrying just a paintball weapon. But Varnark*, red and yellow dots covered the Ygi from top to bottom. Most of the paint coated their heads and upper torso.

The humans are safe. We adjusted their memories before placing them back on the trails.

As for the snowmen, I am sad to say that they took heavy casualties. Many lost their heads during the battle. Yet, they did win the war. As for the three Ygi, they shy away whenever Penelope comes around. You should have seen how happy they were to be placed in Fecioun's custody.

When they saw our attack force, they hung their heads. Then again, our laugher did not help their egos much either. Yet in their humility, they refused to tell where the other seven rogues are. But when Penelope approached them, we couldn't shut them up.

* in this context, it is like saying “man” like in “oh, man.” - Stone

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