Friday, December 12, 2008

A Snowball’s Chance ….In South Louisiana?

December 12, 2008

We spent most of the night and part of this day recovering. Or should I say defrosting from yesterday's antics. Stone said that our area had a chance of getting something he calls ‘snow.’ According to him, snow is a rarity in this area.

Normally, we ignored Stone’s stories but when he said 'snowball fights, he caught our attention. Yet, snow did not materialize in this area. Talking about being disappointed, we were. Most of what we got was rain. Some freezing rain came down but did not survive the warm ground.

When we heard reports of snow covering the ground to the south, we chose to teleport down there to check it out. The scenery looked beautiful and peaceful. Until that snowball fight started.

Stone made a snowball and threw it. Unbeknownst to me, I became the target because everyone else dodged it. After I peeled the snow off of my face, I found the others building these snowballs. Thus the battle began.

While the rest of us had a blast battling each other, Stone built something called a snowman. Tement built one as well. While they worked on them, we built up a supply of snowballs and then attacked them. What we did not know was that they had their own stash because they managed to pelt us as much as we did them. Stone cheated though. He caught some of ours and returned them our direction.

We moved to another open field for more fresh snow and came across a contingent of Ygi. The funny thing is that both parties arrived without weapons.

To our surprise, and theirs too, we got into one hell of a snowball fight. We enjoyed pelting them with our snowballs. We would never think we would have a battle with the Ygi and no one get injured in the process.

When we came home, we brought back some ice chests filled with this flaked ice. Stone made something called ‘snow ice cream.’ It tasted good but also chilled us to the bone.

Like I said, we spent last night and part of today to defrost.

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