Saturday, December 20, 2008

Screwy Weather

December 20, 2008

The weather around here is a bit screwy. One day the temperature is cold; the next day the temperature is hot or actually warm. Dare I even mention the humidity? I told Tement that we should have moved to a location where the weather remained a bit constant and on the warm side.

According to Stone, if you do not like the weather in Louisiana, wait fifteen minutes and it will get worse. The high humidity around here seems to be the norm. Some of us do not know whether to walk around the yard or to swim.

Four days ago, the temperature hovered just above freezing the whole day. Talking about being lethargic, we Varnark refused to move. Actually, we did not want to get out from under those covers, but Stone threatened to hose us down with cold water. Thenal’s teeth rattled all night. I guess I should not have unplugged his electric blanket; he deserved it.

Reports from the scouts at the Ygi came indicated that the humans moved about working. As for the Ygi, none came out. They are a bit more sensitive to the cold that we are.

But yesterday, the temperature rose to a more tolerable point. Actually, Stone was comfortable, but our world is a bit warmer. If it were up to us, the temperature could go up just a bit more. Then again, I would take anything that was well above Tuesday’s high.

Oh, by the way, I discovered the name of the party responsible for switching a tube of super glue with my lip balm. I have something up my sleeve for this Varnark. It has something to do with spiders.

That’s all for now. - Narval

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