Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Proverbial Hornet’s Nest or Was It?

December 4, 2008

In the last post, I had mentioned a human we call 'Penelope. This post is about our first encounter with her.

The first time we encountered Penelope came about a week after we Varnark landed on this great planet - a little over three months ago. Penelope later told us that the situation we were in was what the humans called ‘the proverbial hornet’s nest.’ We had no idea what she meant at the time.

Let me explain. We found ourselves surrounded by four Ygi apprehension/assassination (A/A) teams. That is 12 Ygi on a search and destroy mission. I give you three guesses for whom they searched for and wanted to destroy - oh, and the first two don’t count. Well, they found our general location and were closing in. We could not fire on one A/A team without revealing our position to the other three teams.

Then this small female human stepped out from between a bush and a tree. I tapped Tement on the shoulder and pointed her out. You see, we were hidden up in a large tree and could see all of the teams. The Ygi would have found us on two occasions if they bothered to look up. That is a different story. As for Penelope though, we don't know where she came from. Our sensors did not show her being in the vicinity a few moments before.

Now, Penelope is this feisty female human who is short in stature. Stone commented on several occasions that she has large cojones - whatever that means. But, after seeing her in action several times, we have come to the conclusion that he meant she was fearless. I, myself, think she is a bit crazy. Why you say? Here is why.

She entered the trail after an Ygi A/A team passed. Then she whistled - that got their attention. The Ygi spun around and brought their weapons to bear. She threw an oval shaped object at them and then disappeared into the brush again. This object bounced off the middle Ygi’s head and broke open; that is when they found themselves engulfed in a dark cloud.

I do not know what she threw, but the Ygi began slapping about furiously. Their high pitched scream caused the hair on the back of our necks to stand up. It also caught the attention of a second A/A team. After a few moments, they began to collapse. That is when the second A/A team reached them. They then started slapping too. They then released a furry of blasts from their weapons. Soon, both teams lie on the ground. The cloud seemed to hover over them for a few minutes.

The other two teams came running up but refused to enter the ‘living cloud of death’ as Omman christened it. We took this opportunity to teleport out of there. When we checked the site later, we could not find the bodies of those who fell. Nor did we find that ‘living cloud of death’ either.

The female human had disappeared from our sensors a few seconds after she entered the tree line. Later, after we met, I asked her what she threw at them. Her answer, “A hornet’s nest.”

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