Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Playing with the Tarantulas

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The day after I introduced my tarantulas to Thenal, I found myself in a place called Kisatchie National Forest. Just a place to be during a freezing cold windy day. The extra clothing helps, but my hands are turning into icicles, and the wind cuts through the layers of my clothes. I think Tement did this to get me out of Thenal’s line of fire.

My goal – to get my spiders to seek out the location of the rogue Ygi (Or ‘rouges’ as Stone likes to call them.). Rumors of missing or lost hikers may indicate that the rouges are active in this section of the forest. Tement wanted to check to make sure.

I added a few more features to my spiders before I teleported into this cold hostile environment. The arachnids are to search for the telltale signs of rogues. I placed them in three areas which indicated recent Ygi activity. Two of the tarantulas crawled of down hiking trails where the five humans supposedly disappeared. The third teleported out of the area within minutes of me turning it on.

When I returned, I found Tement using a spray bottle to clean Stone’s car windshield. His accusing glare followed me to the work shed. As I put away my equipment, I thought I heard noise outside. After I retrieved my remote control unit, I cautiously opened the shed door.

After nothing happened, I looked up, then left and then right. Everything looked clear. Thenal stood next to Stone’s car. He seemed to be smiling. I forgot to look down. When I stepped out on the walkway, my feet shot out from under me, and I fell on my nazda. Thenal broke down laughing. He broke into a run and beat me to the trailer’s front door by mere seconds. He locked himself in the room - the coward.

I warmed myself by standing next to Stone’s wood burning stove as thoughts of revenge flooded my mind. Then Penelope dropped by with her pet tarantula. Work at her apartment necessitated her bringing the arachnid over temporarily. A water pipe froze or something along that line. I told her that could take care of it.

I played with the creature when I heard the door to our room open. Thenal, the coward, slowly exited the room. I set the creature down and picked up my control unit to check on the progress of my spiders. Tement warned us not to fight. At that, Thenal came into the room and picked up the spider and started to play with it.

He commented on how real the robot looked and acted. “If I didn’t know better, I would think this would have been Penelope’s tarantula.” He finally said. The spider crawled up one arm, around his neck, and then down the other arm.

Again, I found myself trying not to laugh. He placed the spider down on the floor. As it walked around, Thenal asked who visited. Tement told him.

Thenal’s eye popped open and looked down. He pointed toward the spider and said, “Tell me that is one of your mechanical spiders.” Tement told him that all the mechanical ones were in the field. That is when the spider turned toward Thenal. He took off running toward the room screaming, “Keep that thing away from me!”

I could not hold it in any more. Laughter forced its way out and I fell over. I think I hurt myself trying to hold it in too long.

To get Thenal out of the trailer, Tement, sent him, the twins and Karnka out one a mission to the north. What for is anybody’s guess. Thenal gave me that accusing stare. You know, the one that says, “You did that on purpose.” Believe me when I say, “I couldn’t have plan this if I wanted to.” I’m not going to tell him that though.

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