Monday, December 22, 2008

March of the Tarantulas

Monday, December 22, 2008

Stone came across something that I found interesting and useful. He got the remote control device to scare his nephew. That large hairy tarantula scared me the first time I saw it. This teenager is scared of any dot hanging from the ceiling. Then again so is Thenal. I’ll talk more about that in a few moments.

I needed a way to keep an eye on a certain group of Ygi without being endangering our observation groups. Not only that, I believe we could use them to search areas where we suspect illegal Ygi activities. This little remote control creature fits my needs.

After borrowing Stone’s tarantula, I took it apart to study how the thing was assembled. After I reassembled it, I built three smaller versions of the arachnid. I built
the internal control units, hand control units, and recording units out of technology we confiscated from the Ygi. After tweaking the software, I got the tarantulas to act like real spiders.

In the past, I have talked about the fearless human we call Penelope. One other thing she used to bring over was her pet tarantula. I got to play with it a few times. When Thenal finds out that she is coming over, he disappears.

To test my new toys, I placed them around Thenal’s bed the other morning. Every since that incident involving the spider landing on his head on Halloween, Thenal feared spiders.

I watched his reaction to the spiders through the eyes of these tarantulas. His eyes popped open as wide as saucers. From the living room, I heard this blood-curdling scream. The microphones on the tarantulas shut down to keep from overloading the circuits.

As the tarantulas crawled around Thenal, his screams grew fainter, but his pitch grew higher. The one tarantula that sat on his chest showed his mouth open but no scream coming out. He seemed to be unable to move.

Tement spoiled the fun though when he forced me to retrieve the creatures. I retrieved two of arachnids off of Thenal and changed the programming. When I looked around the room, I found the Omman and Karnka peeking out from under their bed sheets. They should have known better because they helped me build the creatures in the first place. Though, I think Karnka seemed to be snickering.

I turned on Karnka’s boom box. The tarantula I left on Thenal's chest started dancing to the beat. Thenal’s expression changed from fear to curiosity. I glanced down at the hand display and watched as his eyes grew bigger on the screen.

When I looked up, my eyes met Thenal’s. I bit my lip to keep my laughter from escaping. I grabbed the tarantula off of his chest and took off running. At that point, I could not help myself. You know how hard it is to run and evade someone when laughing uncontrollably. This time Thenal’s scream came from anger and not fear. I had to hide for the rest of that day.

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