Friday, December 26, 2008

Fingers, Toes and Earlobes

Friday, December 26, 2008

I wish to cover some things in which I discovered about the human body. As of late, my brother Varnark and I have been spending more time in the shape of a human. We find that we can keep the shape much longer than anything else without losing our capabilities of thinking. It is also better because many humans would possibly panic if we walked around in our original shape - except for that one time during that celebration called Halloween.

We found that parts of our bodies are a bit more sensitive than we had anticipated. I also have the tendency to injure certain parts more often as well. For instance, two days ago my pinky toe caught a doorjamb when Thenal pushed me through the door. It hurt quite a bit. The problem is, every time I turn around, it seems I keep bouncing that little toe against everything since I injured it.

Another thing I've noticed is that since we've taken human form, we have a tendency to use one side of our body or the other more often. Whereas, in our natural state we are ambidextrous. In our natural state, we could use both hands while working on two different projects at the same time and would do them well. Yet, in our human form, we get frustrated when we attempt to do this. We can only use both sides when they complement each other in doing a single task.

Now, I found out important each digit is when I injured any one of them. No matter which finger gets injured, I find that it will interfere with the task I had to do.

Now, during the cold weather the last few days in this part of the country, I found that my earlobes do not feel to well when someone thumps them with their finger. I got the idea when I passed a tree and I let the limb I pushed back go too soon. The slapped my ear. Varnark, that hurt.

To test my theory on this event, I thumped Thenal’s ear and took off running when he let out a big yelp.

That is why I am recording this while in hiding. You see, Thenal had a machete in his possession at the time I did it. Granted, that was not the brightest move on my part, but I did manage to escape.

Thump, thump, thump.

I guess it is time for me to find a different hiding place. Thenal has found me and will be breaking through the door any second.

Time to teleport out of here, bye.


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