Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Festival of Lights

December 14, 2008

Last weekend, Tement allowed us to mingle with the human population in a small hamlet called ‘Natchitoches.’ Stone said that they put on one hell of an all day celebration called ‘The Christmas Festival.’ Sunny skies and warmer weather greeted our excursion into the Festival of Lights. We went last night in Natchitoches as well, but the weather turned out to be a bit windier than we wanted.

At least I got to enjoy some meat pies and funnel cakes last night. I did tell you someone switched my lip balm with something called super glue on that big festive day. More on that later though.

We were allowed to enjoy ourselves but we kept an eye on some of the Ygi present checking out the humongous crowds. The Ygi research contingent turned out to be harmless. Along with their research, they participated in other events. You should have seen them scramble for that candy thrown from those floats.

On the other hand, we did not anticipate the arrival of some of the rouge Ygi. Their agenda turned out to be an attempt to harvest some of these unsuspecting humans. We disrupted one attempt. Or should I say Stone disrupted them. It turns out that it was he they attempted to harvest.

We still do not understand how he knew they were coming for him. Most humans are not able to see the Ygi or us if we have a tridg (trēdg)* engaged. We laughed so hard that we could not move. Stone stacked them up in a pile and sat on them to keep them from escaping.

Before we could collect them though, the Ygi research contingent pounced on them. A severe and almost fatal case of curiosity overtook us. The contingent activated their tridg (trēdg)* and then grabbed the three rouge Ygi. One of them pointed to the other side of the river.

With our curiosity piqued even more, we followed them as they teleported to the other side of the river. We could not see what they did to the rouges. Tement’s sensors indicated that they used a navdalla (näv-däl-lä)**. The Ygi contingent began stuffing cylindrical shaped objects into those tubes that humans load with fireworks. I have to say that one does not need to be a genius to figure out what they transformed the rouges into.

We had to wait until nightfall before we could find out what an exploding Ygi looked like. We could hardly wait. Throughout the day, an Ygi A/A*** team had caught four more of those rouge Ygi and transformed them as well.

Just before the finale, the humans set off the last seven fireworks. They shot straight up and had quite a range of colors but had no recognizable pattern. Even though we were a bit disappointed with them, I have to say is that – wait for it – I know this will be a groaner – we still had a blast.

*transphase refraction generator – or as Stone calls it ‘the invisibility generator.’
**transphase particle rearrangment generator – Stone calls it our ‘shape-shifting device.’
***apprehension/assassination team – Stone calls them the ”get’em and shoot’em” team.

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