Sunday, December 28, 2008

Brain Freeze

Sunday, December 28, 2008

After our operation involving the snowmen, we found that Thenal and Omman had brought back an ice chest that contained a small quantity of clean snow. They planned to attack the rest of us with a couple of snowballs - kind of like a one-sided snowball fight. Then Stone found the chest and told us that he could make a treat for us. Something called ‘snow ice cream.’

He placed several large scoops of snow into his blender. The then added chocolate syrup, vanilla extract, milk, and sweetener in with the snow. He pulsed the blender several times.

He forgot to say anything about the racket that thing made. The high pitched sound felt like someone jabbed a nail into my ears. The skin on the back of my neck crawled as well. I slapped my hands over my ears. When I looked around, I noticed the others did the same.

As he poured each of us a bowl of this ‘snow ice cream,’ Stone warned us about something called a ‘brain freeze.’ Then he refused to tell us what that is as he handed us our spoons. He said that we had to experience it.

I did not like the sound of this. Even with this warning, we could not help ourselves. Something about chocolate causes us to lose control.

Thenal, Omman and Karnka got theirs first and began to shovel it into their mouths. Within seconds, Thenal dropped his spoon and grabbed his head. Omman followed a few seconds later. Stone handed a bowl to me. After seeing Thenal and Omman on the floor with painful expressions on their faces, I let the first two or three spoonfuls of the treat melt in my mouth.

Yet, the flavor overwhelmed me. My taste buds began battling my common sense. Needless to say, my taste buds won out. After shoving a few more spoonfuls of the ice cream into my mouth, a sharp pain shot through my head.

That is when Stone said that we were in the throes of what is called a brain freeze. He then explained that if a human takes in a cold treat too fast they can get headaches.

The sad part to this story occurred after we recovered from our first headache. The snow ice cream turned out to be too big of a temptation. Even after we knew we would suffer these headaches, we just could not help ourselves.

Stone said that we must be masochists. When this headache goes away, I plan to ask him what that means.

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