Thursday, November 27, 2008

Narval's Introduction

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hello. My name is Narval. As you know, I am not from around here. Actually, not from this planet. I arrived with 49 of my cohorts from a planet called Sationar (sä-tē-ōn-är). We come to wreck havoc to a certain alien troop. You know, the Ygi. I also got the feeling that Sationar were happy to see us leave. Oh, well.

We arrived about three months ago using one of the Sationarian (sä-tē-ōn-är-ē-än) spacecraft. It’s hidden in a forested area disguised as a hill. We work out of it on occasion. We also use it as our warehouse to store our excess material

One of the first humans we came across turned out to be a hunter named Joseph “Turkey” Brown. Unfortunately, we had not intended to run across any humans. Turkey saw us land. Actually, it was his idea to hide the spacecraft as a hill.

Turkey has been a lot of fun to be around. It seems he laughs at every one of our pranks. We discovered that it makes us feel good when we hear others laugh as well. We visit with him on occasion, and he does help us with some of our needs. Oh, by the way, I was told that today is ‘Turkey Day.’ I am glad that they honor him like that.

He introduced us to Clark Stone. While watching Stone look through what he calls a 'blog,’ the idea of writing about my own observations popped into my mind. My problem came when I realized that though I can speak and understand Stone’s language, I can’t read nor write it.

These humans amaze me. The race has advanced enough to have programs that allow for converting speech to text and the other way around. This and a voice recorder allows me to build what Stone calls ‘blog posts.’

Now, Stone can be cantankerous at times, but he did build us a blog that I post my insights. Now, he allows the others to input material as well. Where his cantankerous side came out is his refusal to change a post after he uploads it to the blog. Also, he plans to use it himself on occasion. That worries me.

I suspect that I will have trouble from the others, but I can handle them when the time comes.

In order for me to pull this off, I had to take the form of a human youngling. With my cantalcabowtit, an implanted translation device, I am able to record my thoughts. I hope to inform others about what I observed and learned while on this planet. My subject will be restricted. Being the Varnark Elder, Tement will have to approve them first.

So, here goes ….

Next Post will be Friday, November 28

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