Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Narval's Interview - Part Two

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stone: So, you Varnark are here to keep watch on these evil Ygi. How?

Narvark: Well, I can’t give you too much detail but it does involve distracting them. Garnara told us to be ourselves when dealing with the Ygi. We plan to pull as many practical jokes on them that we think we can get away with. They too like order, you see.

The only restriction he placed on our activity is that we are not to cause their death. We are allowed to protect humans and ourselves though.

Stone: How did you get here and was the trip arduous?

Narval: Yes, I would say it was past arduous. There were eight practical jokers cooped up for over two weeks. We almost drove Tement crazy.

Tement: At least the other forty Varnark on board were in stasis chambers. It also helps being the only one on board allowed to carry a weapon.

Narval: That is how he kept us from pulling pranks on him.

Well, we got relief about three weeks ago when we landed here - someplace called Northwest Louisiana. After we picked several places to make camp, Tement sent three outrider teams out to scout out the Ygi situation. The rest of us were tasked to set up the equipment we needed and to hide the surplus.

Stone: Why were the forty in stasis chambers?

Narval: Well, with all of the supplies and equipment we brought, we would not had enough room to move around let alone fit them into the ship’s living quarters. The rest had to go into stasis or be left behind.

Stone: Could you introduce your companions to me?

Narval: This is Tement, the Varnark Elder also known as the party pooper; Karnka (kärn-kä), a pilot; Thenal, a communications technician; Omman (ō- män), the trainee; along with a few others.

Stone: There are only ten here. Where are the rest?

Narval: Scattered about in various locations looking for other Ygi groups.

Stone: Is your sole purpose in coming here to assist Garnara and to observe Ygi? Or are there other motives behind this little visit?

Narval: Huh, I would have to say other motives. As I said, other world have threatened to space us if we do not get out. We wanted to know if Earth could handle our population.

Garnara claims that we Varnark thrive on chaos. I would not call it chaos but we do like practical jokes and other forms of physical entertainment. He said that the people of this world live in a state of constant chaos.

Stone: So, the Varnark love practical jokes and pulling tricks on each other. So do humans. Is that why you named your blog ‘’

Narval: Because we are wild. When the Varnark cut loose, the Ygi better watch out. We will prevent them from accomplishing their mission, but we plan to have fun doing it.

Stone: By the way, can you take a joke as well as you pull one?

Narval: Yes, of course I can. I am not a child, you know.

Stone: Okay then, what is that you have on your back?

Narval: Have what on my back?

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Wait, laughter. Crumple, Crumple! What is this? ‘KICK ME!’ KICK ME! KARNKA, I AM GOING TO GET YOU FOR THIS!!!

Slam, bang!

Stone: I guess that is it for this interview.

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