Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Narval's Interview - Part One

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hi, I’m Narval (när-väl), a Varnark (vär-närk). I …. Wait a minute, isn’t this supposed to be my blog? Oh Ygi (ī-gē), Okay, I will do it.

Why does Stone want to interview me? I am capable of doing this myself. NO, I am not acting childish. No remarks from the nut gallery, Thenal (thā-näl). Am not, am not, am not. La, la, la, la, la, la, la, I can’t hear you. SHUT UP, Thenal. Hey, can’t you see I am in the middle of something? Thank You!

Wait a nit; why is Tement (tā-mānt) doing here?

Stone: Something to do with keeping someone from being telling too much or telling the facts. Anyway, he said since he is a Varnark Elder, he is required to be present.

Narval: I still don’t like it, but okay. Ask away.

Stone: You have given your name as Narval, but what is a Varnark?

Narval: The Varnark are a fun loving race from the planet Varn (värn). Currently, we are a world-less race of people.

Stone: Okay, I’ll bite. What happened?

Narval: Several things: First 304 years ago, an evil race took over our world. They enslaved us and used us like your people use cattle. Second, this honking large rouge asteroid pulverized our world.

Stone: Did the Varnark establish themselves another home world?

Narval: No, we have not established a new home world. Been too busy running - just staying one step ahead of the Ygi’s dinner plate.

Stone: No need to get snappy. I am just asking.

Narval: Oh, okay. I apologize. Every time we came across a world that fit our needs, the Ygi would show up and attempt to conquer us and deep-fry us again. Currently, we are scattered across the galaxy. We do have several host planets who allowed us to take up temporary residence. The Ygi are afraid of them.

Many of these host planets are ready for us to leave. They claim that we are a disruption of their precious order. Our search for a home has become an ongoing project. Actually, the sense of urgency of finding a new home world was spurred on by the fact that some of those host worlds are treating to drop us off in space.

Stone: Why is that?

Narval: Well, I don’t know. Like I said, we are just a fun loving race.

Tement: Who love to pull pranks and practical jokes when they have too much time on their hands.

Narval: Oh, Okay, they do not have the greatest sense of humor. Who cares about an orderly world? It’s boring. Some say we thrive on chaos.

Stone: Okayy, that means you probably would fit perfectly here on Earth.

Narval: Huh, what did you say?

Stone: Oh, nothing. I said, ‘How did you and your companions come to stay on this world?’

Narval: Garnara (gär-när-ä), a friend of the Varnark asked us to keep an eye out on a group of aliens who have currently arrived on Earth. You heard me say something about the Ygi. If given the chance, the Ygi will enslave your world and start harvesting humans for food before just like they did our world. Though I do not think they thought the humans on this planet was this far advanced in technology.

Stone: The Ygi?

Narval: Short for Ygian (ī-gē-än). We affectionately refer to them as the ‘Ygi.’ It is easier to say, and when we call them ‘Ygi,’ it really ticks them off.

Like I said, they are the evil race who enslaved our people and moved many to breeding farms. They planned to breed us, to work us and then to eat us. They plan to do the same here as well.

Stone: Can’t you say anything good about them?

Narval: Well, if it were not for their intervention in our world, we may not have been a living race today. Who would have guessed that their conquering our world saved our race?

Their photos work great in keeping the pests out of the gardens. But I think they also scare the plants back into the ground.

I guess we should be grateful that they forced us off of our world. Remember that big honking rouge asteroid I mentioned earlier. Cosmic payback. It arrived three years later and pounded the planet into pieces. The funny thing is that the Ygi did not see it coming either.

They didn’t see us coming either. We managed to liberate fifteen thousand brother Varnark during the ensuing Ygi panic. Yet, we still lost the remaining 7,500 Varnark.

Continued tomorrow.

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